spray paint… yes, again!

Every now and then I take a little drive through the alleys near my apartment on the way home from work. Usually it’s when I can’t stop listening to some story on the radio or when I’m chatting on the phone (with an earpiece, promise) and don’t feel like hurrying in to dog-walk/clean/cook. Sometimes it is because I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I’ll miss out on something really good if I don’t at least make a cursory pass through my favorite alleyways. That feeling gets stronger towards the end of the month when I know people are moving and too lazy to put their stuff up on Craigslist or Freecycle.

Last month on one of those drives, I found this little beauty just three doors down from my backyard. I liked the detail on the base and knew spray paint would brighten it up simply. Tucked underneath my porch, it sat for weeks until Sunday afternoon when I decided to use the last of my gray paint.

A bit of sanding with my trusty sandpaper sponge, a lot of can shaking and twenty minutes later: done.

Excuse my shoddy attempt at trying to “stage” the table! It will live in the guest room (RWTGTD) as a bedside table. Like all of the bedrooms in our home, this one is so dark that I thought it better to photograph outside with some daylight. I’m pleased with the table and its pricetag: about $2 for half a can of spray paint.


11 responses to “spray paint… yes, again!

  1. Nice! Looks great!

  2. That’s a cool piece!

    How much would you sell it for?

  3. really great megan, and the staging is charming, it looks perfect! this is my favorite form of recycling.

  4. wow that looks really good. I need some advice on my apartment it is really dark and dull. I need to brighten it up and add some of my character so I have a place to really truly relax….hope you can come show me a thing or to.

  5. You’re the bomb at this trashy-to-classy furniture game.

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  7. Hi Irene!When you seal your wood canvas with Gesso you have to allow it to dry cepmlotely. I usually do multiple ones that way they are ready to go when I’m ready to paint on them.I usually do at least 2 layers of Gesso on all sides including the back (3 layers is ideal) for longevity.Once the Gesso is dry, then you can sketch on on it.I sketch on Vellum or Tracing paper first so all the erasing and corrections are done on that and not on the wood. Once I’m happy with the drawing then I transfer it using another piece of Velum that I have rubbed cepmlotely with a 4B pencil, you can purchase transfer paper, but I just make it my self.By transferring the drawing, you keep the Gesso clean and then begin to paint.If you do not want to deal with transferring, you can always add a layer of clear coat to the pencil sketch that is on the wood, let it dry and then start painting. The lead will be sealed and will not mix with your colors.I hope that helps.You’ve given me a nice idea for a blog post and I’ll be explaining it using pictures.Take careMaggie

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  9. IMHO you\’ve got the right answer!

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