comment comment comment: what would you do with these books?

Time for you to tell me what you would do with these thrifted finds. Go ahead and press that comment button to help a girl out.

I stopped by the Salvation Army on a whim last night. Braved the traffic to get there, found a perfect parking spot and these books were the only thing that caught my eye. Not that I’m complaining. Dusty, covered in spills and taped up, they date from the 1960s according to notations inside. The best part: pocket cards with kid’s cursive inside. Remember checking out a book from your school library in second grade and seeing your best friend’s name right before yours? What a thrill.

Looks like someone named Lisa really liked this one.

Any suggestions on where these books should live until I have children? Got a project you think I could use them for? Should I leave them as-is? Tear them up? Frame the pages? What to do, what to do?


6 responses to “comment comment comment: what would you do with these books?

  1. Don’t have any suggestions, but oh, the memories of seeing the checkout cards 🙂

  2. wish i had a suggestion for you! i don’t have any kids but my mother is a librarian is always passing on old children’s books and other selections but i have yet to find anything to do with them besides leaving them on my bookshelves.

    i think that framing pages with prints could be really cool! if you don’t mind destroying the book (sacrilege!) 🙂

  3. frame them. maybe get a good copy of a page you love and then frame both the book and that page. i dunno that’s all i can come up with.

    • Ah, making a copy is an excellent idea! Like doing a big frame? One half a page from the book and then the actual book… might be very, very neat.

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