back porch chronicles in the heat pt 657

string lights, thrifted, $5

It is too damn hot to be pecking at these keys! With a beer by my side and sweat dripping down my neck I’m trucking along, but it’s gonna have to be short and sweet. Chicago broke the 93 degree record of 1921 today. We’re currently at 94.

Saturday was much more tolerable and much was done on the home front. Here are some happy shots of my weekend. It’s all I’ve got to give in this stifling heat. Have a happy Monday.

putting baby succulents in vintage dishware!

bestie getting tired of the camera in her face

figuring out who will live where



15 responses to “back porch chronicles in the heat pt 657

  1. hey hey hey quit braggin’ ’bout that warmth! It’s been 50ish here in the NW – hailing, raining hard, chilly, wind, more hail, more rain πŸ˜› blech….. I need some sunshine! —- but I’m out there planting the farm just the same.

    Love your little succulents and am glad to see that they are actually potted in little clay pots (or plastic?) so they have drainage —still, don’t water ’em too much —- (I’m all about the drainage, can you tell? πŸ™‚ & contrary to popular belief, they don’t really deal with direct sun that well…..

    sorry, just the dirtgirl in me that can’t shut up about plant care…….

    Your porch looks sweet, love the rails & lights.


    • Thanks, Sasha! I’ve got them in a bit of shade and I kept the care tags so I can remember who likes what… they are in glass and there is no drainage. I think I will remedy that this weekend and drill little holes in the bottom of the cups. I am so used to potting houseplants without drainage that I didn’t even think about that. Thank you, as always! And I hope you get some warmth out that way soon!

  2. Nice porch! I think porches are the thing I miss most about the non-NYC world. And I think your heat wave is heading here…it’s supposed to break 90 today in Manhattan.

  3. First, you two are so cute! I love the hair cut…major Mia Farrow. Anyway, I love the lights and the succulents in vintage dishware…awesome!

  4. i see this pictures and really feel bad that i’ve done nothing to my back porch to make it a getaway spot while at home.

    next week, i’ll tackle this area.

    it’s not going to be too green – but that’s what i have you for!

    get your gloves together, savannah!

  5. hey may! (couldn’t help that πŸ™‚

    so now I’m thinking that you DID directly plant them in the cups….. you could leave them in the ‘clay’ pots, put a little gravel in the cups and sit the pots on top of that (hiding the pots with a little of that grassy, mossy stuff. that’s how they do it in offices & such. (LONG ago I was a ‘professional’ plant care person for rich people & businesses).

    More houseplants are drowned than dehydrated :-/

    So really no need to ruin the cute little cups by drilling them (can you really DO that? wouldn’t they break?)

    Still waiting for some warmth coming this way. We’re now all the way up to 61 :’-(

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  10. Looks like Echeveria harmsii Plush Plant to me! Mine didn’t have red on the edges until exosped to more sunlight. Here’s a back to the page I have it photographed on.I went a little crazy on succulents this past spring and the plush plant, living up to its name, HAD to come home with me. It’s pettable! How can you not love that in a plant?

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