let’s paint some floors

Note: Since this post, I did paint my floors!

Hello turquoise! I mean, it’s already on my kitchen walls, so why not add some to the black floors in the RWTGTD?

If you read this blog often, you know all about the Room Where Things Go To Die. It is a teesny, shoebox-sized room that needs to fulfill many purposes: guest quarters, craft storage, reading room. It is slowly coming along and the one thing that really keeps me from being able to go all out and beautify the damn thing is the floors. The wooden floors. That are painted black. With gray paint streaks and spots decorating them. Fun, huh?

This comprehensive tutorial at Door Sixteen is really making me want to take the plunge to pretty painted floors. Sure, it might be a difficult and time consuming and I may hate myself while I’m painting but the end result is totally worth it.

Now: what color? Keep in mind that the room gets little natural light and is painted a light gray. Oh, and we have a black lab mutt who sheds. A lot.

via Orange Beautiful

I could go all out and do some crazy stenciling… but realistically, that’s not in my repertoire, right?

via AT

On second thought, this is so gorgeous that maybe it should be in my repertoire. Can you imagine turquoise with a white pattern? Or better, orange? ORANGE.

via On Bradstreet

Gray… how beautiful is this room? How perfect? From the bench in the left-hand corner to the light rug under the table, color me in love. And the floors look pretty damn good, too. (Please go read the post this photo is from here. A beautiful day making home feel like home is described by the author.)

I’m in. Painted floors, I’m ready for you. Who wants to help?


5 responses to “let’s paint some floors

  1. I want those floors! My kitchen is turquoise too! My whole house is painted totally wild “mexicolors” orange, yellow, turquoise, etc. I love color! No beige for me! :-p we live in the burbs where people do not believe in painting the outside of their houses anything but beige or pale blue! YUK! MY house is PLUM with terra cotta trim baby!

    I will say do NOT forget primer! ug! I painted my bathroom floor and was ignorant about the primer and have regretted it since. I knew a lady who painted her vinyl kitchen floor & it was so cool so I tried to copy her, but found out later that I should have primed……

    I also think you should use ‘floor’ paint & it now comes in many colors at the Depot (I think) & it’s not oil based (thankfully).

    I’d come help if I were there 🙂

    let us see the results!

  2. OMG I LOVE THE ORANGE BEAUTIFUL BOLD STENCILED FLOORS! dude, im loving the turquoise personally but i can see a lighter color making the room look bigger and brighter. Super shellacked (sp?) steel grey or a creamy white?

  3. ooo sorry to be redundant, I should have read the tutorial before posting that comment…… she did mention primer and the floor paint……

    carry on 🙂

  4. Oh, I’ve always loved that first room, with the turquoise floor and have kept that in my files for sometime now. Also, thank you so much for the lovely commnets on my own gray (a color called “dusty miller”) floors, you are most kind. Every floor in our home is painted and most are gray, though our bedroom floor is marigold and my son’s room is “creeping jenny green”. : ) With lots of use, our kitchen floor paint is wearing thin in some spots, but this just adds to the homey feel and is a reminder of time well-spent as a family. Thanks again. You blog is wonderful and I’m so happy to find another great design blog! All the best.

    Amy @ On Bradstreet

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