alley walking

Wednesday, June 2nd and I haven’t blogged in almost a week! It was nice to do nothing but relax and BBQ and spend lots of QT with friends and family but I’m glad to be back. I’ll be posting some photos from the past week as soon as they finish downloading (there’s a lot) but in the meantime, let me show you some iPhone pics from my walk last night. Taking a page out of Diana’s book (she is the brilliant mind behind Fine Diving), I took a little stroll down four alleyways and found some goodies.

I’m sure every single one of you has at one time had a chair like the one pictured above. I remember my Dad’s pretty clearly because it fell onto my right toe while wrestling with my brother when I was about 12. It’s not a special chair and I didn’t think it would fit in my car so I left it where it was. Still, it’s a decent find and would work for a side chair or on the back porch with some quality spray paint or a simple cushion.

I walked up to this bad boy with bated breath– was it concrete? Wouldn’t it be perfect for the porch? Alas, it was crappy plastic and had a gash down the side. I contemplated taking it anyways but decided my porch was getting a little too crowded anyways.

These I did take. I had been looking for some shabby windows to clean up for awhile and these are in fair condition. The paint isn’t peeling and the glass isn’t completely covered in dirt. During a visit to Sweet Water Organics on Monday, I saw some neat uses for discarded windows and doors to add to the ones I posted about a few months ago when I visited Ipsento Coffee Shop’s new back room. We’ll see what we can chef up for these windows. I’ll keep you posted!

That’s my beginning of the month alley walk. Did anyone else do the same?


One response to “alley walking

  1. This weekend I cleaned a move-out (what fun?!) I actually LIKE sorting through OPJ (other people’s junk) —-as long as it’s not too gross (gloves are always worn!)….. anyway, I scored some things that people might think somewhat gross, but I knew where they came from ( a relatively tidy, single, rich guy) so I didn’t have too much problem with it.

    1st were a number of flattened old pillows (why he kept ’em, I don’t know, but they were bagged up). My first inclination was to toss ’em in the trash heap, but they weren’t THAT bad. hmmmm what could be done? BINGO, I’ll make my little puppy & kitties some comfy beds! He also left behind some (ugly) linens & bedding (comforters, etc). Pain in the ass to wash ’em all, but I did and donated them to my friend who volunteers at the Humane Society. They always like to get old towels, blankets & the like for kennels & clean up. I kept some of the old pillow cases, washed ’em put back on the pillows and now the ‘kids’ have numerous squishy soft beds. It took about 5 minutes for them to find and crash 🙂

    He also left behind numerous old ratty t-shirts & sweat shirts which I washed, cut into big strips, braided them into dog ‘ropes’ and sent them for doggies to play with while waiting for adoption.

    I’m heading back over there this evening to pick up a funky old 50’s table – it’s UGLY, but has great hairpin legs. I was going to just remove the legs and make a new table, but decided I’ll use some of the oil cloth I have to cover the top, spray paint the legs & put it out on the patio for a ‘side board’

    I was happy to reduce his ‘trash’ pile by at least 75% , made some doggies happy, made my kitties happy, made my eco-sense happy. YAY!

    ok, I’m off to snag that table…..

    OH, that urn really WAS pretty cool. Next time try using Gorilla Glue tape to repair it and then spray paint for plastic (regular spray paint works too just not as long lasting). I’ve repaired a number of plastic things with GGT.

    Happy diving!

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