vintage metal cabinet for free…in the basement

Imagine my surprise while deep inside our dank, dusty and disgusting basement looking for a chair I had stored a few months back, I found this: the original metal cabinet that lived in our kitchen. I immediately yelled up to the mister to help me take it outside to examine the damage. Not too bad, just a lot of rust and some nasty cobwebs. The sliders for the drawers still work pretty well and the dents aren’t horrendous. The doors close perfectly and it doesn’t smell bad.

With a little bit of elbow grease, dish soap and a sponge, the thing is now at least clean and living in the Room Where Things Go To Die until restoration weekend can begin. And now, the RWTGTD is slowly becoming a place I don’t mind opening up to guests and where I actually kind of enjoy hanging out in. Sure I have a desk with no chair in there and it is pretty damn dark but it does not feel as prison cell-ish as before.

I’ve done a bit of research and found that restoring it is not nearly as difficult as one may think. These directions for making a metal medicine cabinet shine again make it sound downright easy and my favorite thing to do in the whole wide universe is even included– bet you can guess what that is. Since I can’t seem to spend any time inside the house now that it’s summer, a little outdoor restoration project will work just fine.


One response to “vintage metal cabinet for free…in the basement

  1. fantastic!
    i have two old metal cabinets which are slowly rusting and had no idea what to do. i dont have an open spac i can do this in so i’ll be opening the windows quite wide.
    only other thing i’m owrried about is one cabinet is this awesome soft moss gren which i don’t think i can replicate hrm

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