moving on

My hard drive is gone. Photos, words, music. Poof, gone.

I backed up about 12,000 photos for the first time less than a month ago and it was not a moment too soon but I’m reeling over the loss of everything else. Every single photo I had taken with my new camera? Gone, because I hadn’t imported them into iPhoto, which was the only source I decided to back up since those photos were the ones taking up the most space. All of my pulled-from-the-internet inspiration photos? See ya! My resumes, my bill paying folders, my little journal entries, my forays into PhotoShop, my MUSIC (the Mister still has most of it so it could have been worse), my everything… is just gone.

While I am not happy about losing years and years of stuff, I’m not as devastated as one may think– I’m more frustrated that I have to remember my passwords and figure out what I had bookmarked where. I’m okay with starting over on a new hard drive. It was free from the lovely folks at Apple even though my MacBook is over four years old. They gave me more memory and the latest operating system, making my computer feel brand spanking new. I have an empty desktop, ready to make messes upon. I can maybe organize my files a little bit better this time around. I feel a weird sense of freedom (we’ll see how long I can keep that desktop clean).

Reeling, yes. Kicking and screaming, no. Back up your files, people.


7 responses to “moving on

  1. Let’s be happy and rejoice that it wasn’t worse. Yay for Apple and having kick arse service!

    I poured out a little liqour, okay water, for your hard drive and the photos that I know everyone in la familia were probably in. But again, that simply gives us more reason to get and create new memories!

  2. Ohmygod, did you not learn from my mistakes???? LOL. I’m so sorry about your hard drive 😦 That is suck a traumatic experience, but I know you’ll be ok 🙂

  3. oh NOOOO! I can totally relate to that! I must say that I didn’t lose everything, but having a totally blue screen with nothing but the hard drive icon showing will give one a bit of a heart attack. I STUPIDLY changed the name on my little house icon a couple years ago and POOF! I became two people according to my Mac. Those first few seconds of OMG!!! where are my photos/writing/music/everything???? were bad. Everything was there, but it was screwed up for MONTHS! (I was a shared user with myself – annoying- don’t change the name on the house icon even if you get married and think it’s being sweet!) but it did make me aware of how important I think this stuff is. I now have a super terabyte (something like that) backup drive and let Time Machine take care of it weekly. Still I’m a little lax about it cause I think my little Apple will NEVER let me down….. think I’ll go back up now!

    Are you SURE your stuff is not in there SOMEWHERE???

  4. if you haven’t done much stuff to your computer since disk warrior can get a lot of it back. i f’ed up my external hard drive twice and j managed to get all of it back with disk warrior.

    google it and run it on your computer

  5. Can I ask what kind of external hard drive you recommend to back up a Mac?

  6. Reminds me of that episode of Sex and the City: My Motherboard, Myself. and it was a Mac, too. I should really back up my work.

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