blackhawks win & time out goes vintagey

photo by Nicole Radja for TimeOut Chicago

Hockey affected my life for the very first time last night. The Blackhawks game meant zero parking in my bar-filled neighborhood and I finally had to double-park my car in front of the house after forty-five minutes of hunting for a space. I sat on my porch for over an hour waiting for some soul to leave before the Mister came out and suggested one more try around the block. We found a spot about an hour before the Blackhawks won and it was just in time. Revelers packed the streets after the last goal. Fireworks and gunshots took over. Chicago is pretty damned proud. I know nothing about the game but I love seeing people so excited.

TimeOut’s Treasure Trail of Vintage

Today, the day after the Blackhawks and their Stanley Cup Victory, Time Out Magazine came out with an issue devoted entirely to vintage: shops, tips on buying and even a house profile with a very appropriate sunroom, pictured at the top of this post. View the entire slideshow of the Ukranian Village home it it is in here.

I haven’t gone through the entire issue yet but I already have a gripe. Not one regular old thrift store is featured. Tons of shine is given to Chicago’s awesome vintage shops and boutiques but it would have been nice if some finds from Salvation Army, Unique Thrift, Brown Elephant or Village Discount Outlet had been featured. Vintage gems can be found in abundance (for much cheaper) at these shops and my house can prove it. Be that as it may, the issue still looks like an incredible resource for resale shopping and I plan to head to some of the stores featured this weekend.

Pick it up if you’re in Chicago and let me know which shops you love!


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