sunday night straightening: my apartment

my urban casita

I’m a “straightener,” the Mister is a cleaner. We’re the perfect team. He gets the grime and grit and I arrange things proper-like. He laughs when I get in one of my arranging moods. Everything gets moved around and set just so. It can take an hour per room and he’ll watch me walk back and forth through our apartment with glee, picking up this and putting down that. I took photos while I moved stuff around today. Great fun and it makes the apartment look new to me.

my urban casita

my urban casita

I’m excited to post back porch photos tomorrow for Back Porch Chronicles Part 4. I found so many amazing items to add outside yesterday while thrifting and estate sale-ing and can’t wait to share.

T-minus ten minutes to True Blood. Have a happy Sunday evening.

[Back Porch Chronicles Part 1, 2 and 3]


4 responses to “sunday night straightening: my apartment

  1. can’t wait to see what you have done to your place!!!!!! in person!!! the back porch looks heavenly!

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