back porch chronicles pt 4

my urban casita

I know, I know. How many posts can you endure about my quest to perfect the back porch?

With summer here I find it really hard to concentrate on purchasing anything not destined for my outdoor space. I know that it’s where I’ll be spending the most time for the next few months and since I’m a frequent changer-upper with little to no decision making skills, we can plan on it being adjusted often in the next few months. Plus, like I said, I want it to be perfect.

Well, perfect in its imperfections. The back porch is grimy. Simply old. The deck needs a power washing something awful and the barn house red wall has been washed and washed yet still shows signs of serious wear and tear. The gray painted brick of the wall diagonal to the red one is chipping and the wrought iron security barrier is rusty. When I shop I keep all of this in mind. Anything placed out here has to co-exist with the griminess peacefully, you know?


So I was happy when Aziza and I visited a one day warehouse sale down in our neighborhood on Saturday because it had all kinds of stuff that would work outside. I found two metal white chairs when we walked up and claimed them immediately. I’m big on wire and metal. I love the way they show age, all the different patinas, and because if I do decide I want to gloss over the imperfections it can be done with a simple coat of my favorite thing on earth: spray paint.

my urban casita

This wire wall hangy thing came from the same sale. I believe all three items were well under $30. Completely and totally worth it.

my urban casita

Plants are also making outside fun for me. My succulents are doing well in their vintage restaurant ware and I’ve kept the little tags since some of them seem to like water and sun more than others. I really admire gardeners– how do they remember who needs what kind of care?

my urban casita

I purchased a few more goodies at the same sale and have ideas up my sleeve for them that I will share soon. Did you find anything while thrifting this weekend?

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14 responses to “back porch chronicles pt 4

  1. Well, at that same sale – I finally found a table that I like for my back porch.

    Like you, most if not all of my summer house money will go towards the porch. Since that’s where I WANT to spend most of my time.

    Back to the table, it’s old and a bit rusty, but I plan on giving it new life with some cute oil cloth. Oh and did I mention that it was only $17? SCORE!

    I’ll have you post photos soon enough!

  2. i love the orange chair and the bucket planter. so cute.

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