spray painted plastic frames

Back Porch “Studio”

I showed you the white chairs I got at the one day warehouse sale last weekend. I also purchased some old, lightweight plastic frames just perfect for spray painting!

Two squares and one oval and both got painted the same color as the dresser in our bedroom.

The oval will live above the bed as a kind of makeshift headboard replacement and the squares will live on the wall opposite. I was happy to find plastic frames because they are so light and if by chance one does fall on us whilst sleeping the chances of injury are minimal. But guess what?

I ran out of paint. No fun. I didn’t get a chance to do the sides of the square frames and the one hardware store in the city that breaks the law and sells spray paint (illegal in Chicago) didn’t have the color I needed. Looks like a trip to the burbs is in order.

Since I was going to be on the porch painting I decided to pull out some frames that used to hang in the Room Where Things Go To Die. All thrifted for about two bucks a pop, I had them filled with fabric and paper for a bit. Deciding that I wanted something a little more minimalist, they got stuffed into a closet. Now orange, they’re just waiting for some pretty black and white prints, don’t you think?


9 responses to “spray painted plastic frames

  1. love the spray painted frames! i have gone spray paint crazy at my mom’s new house and turned all the 30 year old stuff into lovable new goodies 🙂

  2. I love that blue color! What brand/color is that spray paint? It might be worth a trip to the burbs!

    • Hi Cindy,This is a lovely idea. I would have never thghout to take those gold framed mirrors and do something like this (white!). The result is lovely. We also have a very dark stairway – I’ve used antique mirrors around our front room and love it as it really opens up a small room. Great post, love all the different shapes and sizes.~TracieMy Petite Maison

    • Thanks for starting the ball rolling with this insight.

    • Hi, i’ve just started to learn how to paint on wood.I aelpipd gesso on a plywood but when i start sketching on it, the pencil’s lead scratched the gesso and took off some of it.It’s the same when i tried to erase some sketches with the eraser, the pencil line will still be there.Instead, it’s the gesso being taken off.I waited for the gesso to dry before i sketch on it.How do i do it correctly?

  3. It is definitely ACE brand– I’ll find out the exact color today 🙂

  4. Okay, it is called Wedgewood- at least that’s what the sticker on the back says! There are no color names on the front of any Ace cans but the orange has a sticker that says Ace Orange so I’m assuming Wedgewood is the color. I got it at the Ace hardware store on Chicago Ave in Oak Park. There are two different stores on that street out there and both have pretty decent selections. Still waiting to find a rich turquoise!

  5. Thanks, May! Good to know good spray paint isn’t TOO far away from the city 😉

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