fashion & decor go hand in hand? really?

I think my house is pretty cute.

My clothes are another story. This is definitely not a fashion blog but I thought it would be interesting to see what happened if I walked into the thrift and pretended I was shopping for my house in the clothing section.

About me and clothing: I stick to basics. I wear a lot of black and gray and white and I live in flip-flops and Nikes. I own two pair of heels (one for summer, one for winter) and two black dresses (again, one for summer, one for winter). My day to day standbys stay in such a constant rotation that I’m out of stuff to wear in less than a week. I’m cheap, I like old comfortable tees and I wear them ’til they fall apart.

Tonight I decided to make a change. MORE pattern! MORE color! MORE texture! MORE like pillows that I would put on the couch, LESS like my… regular black and gray and white.

No, that is not an ashy leg, it is the dirty mirror at Village Discount Outlet on Milwaukee Ave. They don’t have dressing rooms so everyone brings their cart around to the big mirror and quickly tries on what they can over their clothing. I found that the best place to look for stuff is on the rack of discards next to the mirror. Someone tried those items on out of thousands and thousands of other garments and there’s usually at least one cute thing hanging there.

The tank top looks like it belongs at Anthropologie and not at the resale shop, no?

It was $2.80. Anthro can have all the fancy summer sales they want; coming close to anything less than three dollars will never happen. Never.

The red shirt next to it is by Theory, which I knew was kind of nice but just had to Google to see where the brand was sold. Saks! And wowie, the shirts on their site go for around $180. Can we guess what I paid? Yup. $2.80. Note the difference in decimal point.

Looks like I may be thrifting for clothing more often, huh? Maybe fashion and home decor really do go hand in hand…


10 responses to “fashion & decor go hand in hand? really?

  1. oh yeah baby! I LOVE thrifting for clothing almost more than the house. I can look like a million bucks for under 10 πŸ™‚ (most of the time). screw Saks! (oops sorry) I work hard for my $$$ & I’m not buying half a top (or less) when I can buy 10 super nice ones at a thrift store.

    love that flowery top.

    btw – how was that wind? didn’t blow your little back porch away did it?

    • yeah, sasha! love the outlook πŸ™‚ porch is great even though we had another big storm today. i’m happy that it’s covered!

  2. I’m all for you buying something other than housewares at the thrift store, it’s great actually.

    My philosophy is as such: a deal, is a deal is a deal.

    If that means that I find a dress that’s at Anthro (my fave store) that was once $168 for $30, that’s a DEAL.

    On the other hand, if I find a Michael Kors purse at a resale shop for $50, that’s a DEAL.

    If again, I go to the junk store or St. Vincent Depaul and find a vintage Eames chair for $75, it’s what? Yes, you guessed it a DEAL.

    Doesn’t really matter where I find said object, as long as I’m getting a deal, I’m all for it.

    That being said, I’m so proud of you purchasing something outside of your comfort colors. Now here’s to hoping that you wear it and don’t just push it to the back of the closet!

    Do we have a deal? πŸ˜‰

  3. LOL! I love thrifting too and that is definitely an Anthro-esque shirt. KUDOS! i get alot of my doris day looks from the thrift store.

  4. You will get hooked on color………
    Color is so fun and you already like color so include it in your clothes.

  5. I have a a similar tank from Anthro. They have a good sales closet here in DC so i’ve never paid full price. I need to get up on the resale stores in DC. But I don’t need anymore clothing new or otherwise.

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