a little wednesday tip

To keep your ribs moist while grilling, pop an open can of Old Style under the hood. So says Chef Erick Williams.

Having just acquired my very own grill from Kate B., I’m up for tips and tricks on all manner of outdoor cooking. Got any?


3 responses to “a little wednesday tip

  1. Beercan chicken has endless possibilities as well… http://bit.ly/i4snw

  2. Be fearless. And if you don’t already own a pair of tongs, pick up a pair. I prefer the all-metal kinds. Just about anything that can be cooked on a stove can be cooked on a charcoal grill (I hate gas grills!)

    Grilled Peaches
    Two cups of rum
    Two shot glasses of rum
    One cup of raw sugar
    One stick of butter
    Two pounds of fresh peaches
    A ovenproof or pyrex saucepan

    Halve the peaches, take the stones out. Discard the stones.

    Using the saucepan over medium heat, on the stove, or on the grill with medium-hot coals, heat the butter until it clarifies. Slowly stir in the rum and then the sugar.

    Be careful not to set yourself on fire.

    Drink one of the shots.

    The sauce is ready when all the sugar has melted. Add it to the peaches, stir gently.

    Take the peach halves out of the sauce and place them open side down on the medium-hot grill grate. Keep the remaining sauce. Shut the grill for 2 minutes or so. Let em get some good grill marks, going and flip them. They will smoke up nicely in less than 5 minutes.

    When you have grilled all the peaches, place them all in a large bowl and serve the sauce on the side.

    Drink the other shot.

    I also slice and grill a couple of slices of poundcake as a side for this dish.

    One poundcake (icing free)

    Slice the poundcake into one-inch or larger slices.

    Put it one a medium-hot grill. Flip when the edges start to toast (about 2 minutes). Serve with ice cream, or the grilled peaches.

  3. I still love this and think I will put it to work this weekend!

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