positive friday

Happy, happy Friday to you and you and you.

I’m on the back porch right now, watching my pup chew sticks while sprawled out in our overgrown backyard. His right ear has flopped to the wrong side and it is driving my crazy.

My father is the subject of the photo above, which was taken last week on the day before his 65th birthday. We will be gathering tomorrow to celebrate it in true fashion with Wisconsin brats on the grill and custard from Bella’s Fat Cat.

Here is a poem from Papo, as I call him, two months after Sweet Water Organics began construction.

I Want To Be a City Fish Farmer

I’ll feel safer for our bodies’ futures
If fish are farmed in our ‘hoods.

Our children and our elders
Will be joyful
While visiting our fish farms,
And eating our fish.

I have no doubt that Mother Earth
Prefers protein for humans from fish
More than from cows and/or pigs.

And I’ve a better chance
To lose my bulging belly’s shameful girth,
On a diet of baked fish
In virgin olive oil and fresh garlic.

James J. Godsil
Home Depot Paint Desk, 3/7/09


One response to “positive friday

  1. Kim from Milwaukee

    He wrote that while at the Home Depot paint desk??? Or was he writing at a desk painted with Home Depot paint? Happy belated birthday, James!

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