avoiding highways & finding goodies

When I was little, I loved riding in the car with my dad. We would pile into our navy blue VW Vanagon for a trip to a restaurant or to a ball game and if we had our seat belts on by the time we rounded the corner nearest our house we got a nickel. He very rarely took the highway and drove on different routes throughout Milwaukee whenever possible. Being the owner of a roofing and restoration company, Dad pointed out houses where he’d done work, houses that needed his work and notable landmarks and edifices. When I was a teen it started to bother me; I wanted to get to my friend’s house, not be bothered with a history lesson on this building or that every time we jumped into the Vanagon’s bucket seats. As an adult, I cherish the lesson found in steering clear of highways and taking the long way.  More life to see, windows to peer into, rummage sales to pass.

On Sunday I drove up to Milwaukee on the highway to pick up my baby sister for a trip to see Grandma in her home in a town outside of the city. Instead of getting back onto the interstate we mapped Gram’s location on my handy dandy iPhone and it gave us a non-highway route. While the trip on I-94 would have been twenty minutes instead of forty-five, it was nice to have the extra time to catch up and be sisterly– and then we saw a rummage sale sign.

Of course we stopped. I’m so happy we did– even though we were late and I hate being late– because what looked like and was billed as a simple rummage sale was actually a two-level garage converted into a warehouse for the seller’s flea market wares.

The seller told us he was open sporadically whenever the markets were slow and we just happened by on such a day. The inventory was heavy on tin containers, glasswares and small shelving units. I picked up a great set of glasses for $15 and left a happy lady. Not bad for a pit-stop on the side of the road.

Better pics of my pretty glasses coming soon. And stay off the highways when you can! Happy Monday.


13 responses to “avoiding highways & finding goodies

  1. Those glasses were a find. Tell us where.

  2. 37 Purplebuttons

    So, I live in Milwaukee and am from a town outside of the city! Please tell us where this is, cuz that Jadite bowl is mine!!!

  3. hi ladies! it was on south chicago avenue in oak creek… the box the glasses came in had the exact address and i’ll get it for you this evening!

  4. We’ll be here waiting to find to find out where.

  5. alright, looks like it was on the 8700 block of so. chicago road in oak creek, just south of puetz rd on the west side of the street. it really was just a few card tables put together outside and then a very small two story garage right off of the main street. i hope you find him open! i think he is there most sundays. i can’t wait to go back!

  6. I’ve gotten some amazing deals by getting off the beaten path…in fact, I now only buy souvenirs now from rummage sales, thrift shops & flea markets when I travel…so much cheaper, but the real plus is finding items not available to the mass market!

  7. For further reading check out John Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charlie.” or “Blue Highways.” Both are great books, in part about travelling off of the interstate.

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  9. 37Purplebuttons

    Thanks! Going to the Southside this weekend I guess!

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