i want grass

via Beauty in Everything

My backyard is a disaster. I am planning to change that this weekend.

Hello sod, goodbye patchy lawn! I figured if I posted about it here I’ll have a better chance of holding myself accountable and getting it done. I’m going to follow this advice from Home Depot’s website:

You can patch with sod. Cut the sod to fit the size and shape of the patch. Then position a small piece on the patch. If the sod seems higher than the surrounding lawn, excavate a little soil out of the patch, smooth, and try again. Note: Sod that’s too high will get scalped by the mower. Be sure that the pieces of sod butt up tightly against one another. Walk gently on top of the area to make sure the sod roots have good contact with the soil.

It would be more cost-effective to seed the bare spots in the lawn but that would require keeping Sway out of the backyard for weeks and he would not be happy about that.  Any advice for a lawn repairing newbie?


6 responses to “i want grass

  1. i just saw a listing for leftover sod on craigslist. it was FREEE. I think it’s gone now, but if you’re on a budget, you might want to check back.

    At any rate, you might need dirt to level things out. In which case, there are tons of postings for dirt that is also free. I love backyard re-doings. We just did my cousin’s yard:

    Good luck with your’s!

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