inspiration: mary’s house

I have a very hip family. Both my mother-in-law and brother-in-law have been recent sources of decor inspiration but the woman who really helped shape my sense of style in the home from an early age is my step-mom Mary. I wrote about her asking me to go with her to estate sales back in the day over at ReadyMade after attending my first and I thought I would share some recent photos I took while visiting her at home in Milwaukee.

The bed in the photo up top is where I sleep when I visit and the framed photograph above it is my favorite in the house. I love the way the curtain blows in the breeze and how it makes the room feel warm even in the dead of a midwestern winter.

This is Mary’s office and probably my favorite room in the house. The yellow chair came from an estate sale (of course) and its orange sister sits off to the side. Mary has quite a few etched mirrors similar to the one hanging on the wall in this room and it was she who ignited my love for them many years ago. Mine of the same shape is in our bedroom above my spray-painted dresser.

Since we’re on the subject of chairs, let me show you my absolute favorite chair in the whole wide universe: the Virgin Mary chair. Good Irish Catholic she is (me too… kinda), Mary can’t sit in it and uses it to toss clothing onto in the bedroom. I have loved this chair since I was 13. Everything from the pink to the glitter. I have tried many times to re-create this effect on numerous pieces of furniture since then but nothing has come close. The Virgin Mary chair is legendary in my book.

And finally, we have a turquoise vintage clock atop a bureau, also in the bedroom. I’ve been on the lookout for one of the same shape ever since I laid eyes on it. I’m so thankful to Mary for bestowing her unique sense of style on me from a young age. She taught me to appreciate older items and to look for deals while out shopping. The next time I visit, I will not forget my real camera and can share better photos!

Thanks for it all, Mary!


5 responses to “inspiration: mary’s house

  1. This post makes make me want to stay with Mary, too. The Virgin Mary chair – a vision.

  2. the mary chair is soo tasty cake swweet. i’m inspired to add some color to my chair this weekend! pink spray can? check.

  3. If you’re looking for an asymmetrical vintage-looking clock, check out the latest from LL Bean of all places. I just got their fall 2010 “Home” catalog, which lists a very cool-looking clock similar to the one in your blog photo. Dubbed “moonbeam clock,” it comes in blue, vanilla, yellow, dove gray, and pale green, for $39.50. Not the fabulous deal one would like but at least it works!

    Happy hunting–maybe you’ll find a similar clock for $3.00!!!


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