hello wednesday + my week so far

my week so far

Happy to be over the hump, forty-eight hours to the weekend! With lots of home improvement type plans and a heatwave making its way to Chicago, I’m thinking it would be a bad idea to paint the bathroom or start on my dream lawn. That means I’ll have to figure out how else to spend my two days… maybe a massive thrifting trip is in order.

Tonight, I am going to rearrange the open shelves in our kitchen to make way for the glasses I picked up last weekend. Having everything on display is one of my favorite features of the room but it needs serious editing. Two people live here: we have more than twenty dinner plates hanging out on the shelves. Other than that, the name of the game is staying cool with no air conditioning. I see an ice cold wet bandana being wrapped around my hair at some point this evening. Happy Wednesday!


2 responses to “hello wednesday + my week so far

  1. woohoo no AC! :-/ of course Portland went from 60 & chilly/rainy to 98 & blazing hot (although cooled down considerably again).

    One of my favorite ways to stay cool with no AC is to wet down one of those old school (‘unfolded’) diapers & squeeze out some, but not all of the water. I actually found some again at Target (had been looking EVERYWHERE). They are fairly large, but very thin fabric. Drape this about your neck or use it as a head wrap & it’s the next best thing to AC —- ok, that might be pushing it— but it does cool you down. I’d alternate some in the freezer (or at least the frig).

    I’ll take heat over cold any day though.

    As for your dream lawn, I’d definitely wait until it cools off .

  2. I love love the white glasses. Your advice about editing is good too.

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