is wicker making a comeback?

via Flickr user johnnyvintage

Is wicker making a comeback? For awhile I only saw it when browsing vacation rentals in the Caribbean and it was usually pretty wince inducing. I’m clicking around one of my favorite Flickr groups today and it keeps popping up. This bodes well for me. I have a great wicker shelf that I stole from my dad’s house a couple years ago and with all of this inspiration I am dying to get it outside, sanded and spray painted. I’m stuck on color. White? Black? Red?

Let me know your color thoughts in the comments. I need help! Do you have any wicker items? You should spray paint them this weekend!

PS As you can see, one of Sway’s favorite spots is underneath my Craigslist’d $40 Blu Dot Paperclip desk.  It retails for $499.  I love a deal!


7 responses to “is wicker making a comeback?

  1. i have a wicker vanity sitting in the basement as we speak. another one of my mom’s estate sale finds that she left with me. my default inclination is to paint it white and put it in my bedroom bc i’m in desperate need of a vanity (i currently sit on the floor in front of propped up mirror to do my hair). but maybe something other than white would be more fun. of course it’ll probably take me until next year to pick a color then another 3 months to actually paint it. lol 😦

    • I’m hoping the humidity stays low enough to spray paint this weekend! I would love to do a bright color but since there are soooo many color combos in this room already, I’m undecided… I’m loving the pink of the first photo but I think it would be too much for the Mister 😉

  2. How about orange? The pillow sitting on the bench looks like it has some orange in it, and the color of the desk chair would get some support from orange, too. (Orange is my go-to color).

  3. WOW that bed head is amazing. we don’t have wicker but i do have a rattan bed frame at the moment. i was going to replace it with cast iron and make this the guest bed but now i’m unsure.

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