memento monday: aziza

Happy Monday!  Welcome our first participant in the brand spankin’ new weekly, Memento Monday!   See this post for information on this project and send an email to megan AT to contribute your mementos.

Aziza writes:

This has been in my grandmother’s basement for as long as I’ve been alive and maybe longer. The photo is of my mom, Linda Lacy-Hodge, taken around the age of 19 or 20, three to four years prior to my birth.

My mom has been dancing since the age of 15 or so. She was dancing with an African Dance company in Milwaukee, WI called Ko-Thi around the time that this was taken. A man came from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to do a story on the company and took this picture of my mom. Her older brother had it blown up years ago and made into a poster and, I believe, had it in his room. Once he moved out, he had it in the basement where it sat for eons. I’ve always said that I wanted it and despite my grandmother telling me that I didn’t want it due to the water stains on the bottom (the great flood of the ’90s) and numerous attempts and pleas from my mom to remove it (sorry Mom), I still have it in my house!

Aside from a buffet that I bought off of Craigslist, it’s the oldest thing in my home. I picked this piece ’cause its history is tied to me. I look a lot like my mom and it’s good to have her here in the house and see her face because she is so far away from me, living on the island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

It’s my intent to try and find the original photo from the newspaper and get it framed or find a way to salvage the poster from the water damage from so many years back and create my own frame around it and hang in my apartment. Sorry Mom, but this piece is going nowhere!

Thank you, Aziza!
Don’t forget to send your keepsake/memento/heirloom/just-plain-love-it photos of items in your house to megan AT


10 responses to “memento monday: aziza

  1. Zs… you should re-create this photo. You and your ma look so much alike – pretty ladies!

  2. I LOVE this photo. And you and your mom have gorgeous skin. What a keepsake! I wouldn’t get rid of it either….

  3. @Aaron – i should, huh? lol. i really want to find the original to have done with it what i want.

    @Sharon – thanks so much! i definitely don’t plan on getting rid of it.

    to my mom, thanks for not killing me via phone. meg she loves it and the website!

  4. Linda, Aziza's Mom

    Thank you to my “Georgeous First Born”. Now I know why you kept pressing me for information in regards to this picture. I Love You. Love you to Megan, my other daughter, for developing this site. Great ideal. I am still wearing your napkin holder from your wedding. It lost a bead the other day so when I come to Chicago you will need to replace it. 🙂

  5. I met a beautiful woman in Kern Park back in the 1980s who was with the Ko Thi Dancers. I wonder if it was Aziza’s lovely Mom? What a blessing!

  6. AW! Y’all are both so beautiful. Love this new series!

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