my apartment update


This weekend I finally got around to reorganizing the kitchen shelving– while working up an extreme sweat in our non-air conditioned apartment– and I’m fairly satisfied with the results. I’m not sure I like the carafes on the top ledge of the cabinet unit and the little orange shelf I spray painted is feeling out of place. I do like having less dishes on open display and more cohesion overall. And of course I love love love my new glasses!


The kitchen is tied with our front room/foyer/office/sitting area as my favorite room in the house. The turquoise was a bold choice but it feels so happy and cheerful in the dead of winter that I’ve never regretted it. If I could only learn to embrace the cracks in the plaster it would be perfect!


Of course I owe you a cost assessment to keep me on track with my goal of spending less than $2k on the apartment. Let’s see how the kitchen adds up so far.

Ikea Docksta table (the only item purchased new): $179
Craigslist’d chairs: $75 for six
Plate walls and spice rack: $40 (added in another $10 since I now have two)
Sheffield dishes: $35
Corning Mugs: $5
Carafes: $20
Tea holder: $7
Misc. Dishes: $20 (I’m rounding way up on this one)
Tole tray: $3
Dish towel: $2
Yellow dish holder: $1

Total: $387


That brings the grand total for my front room ($370) and the kitchen to $757. Two whole rooms. I’m patting myself on the back as I type with one hand, thankyouverymuch. As I get bold enough to share the other four rooms in my home with you, I’ll keep adding up. I just know I’m under two grand. I can feel it.

Whaddaya think of the kitchen? Too much? Carafes should be moved? Shelf looks funky? Let me know, my feelings won’t be hurt.


30 responses to “my apartment update

  1. Wow! Genius colors, Megan! This is the cheeriest kitchen I’ve ever seen.

  2. I love how bright and cheery it is. Nice pops of color. I love it. Where are those white glasses? I have to look again.

  3. I LOVE that color, you know I do!

    I also love the yellows and oranges that you have mixed in. It looks ultra sunny. I like the little orange shelf that you added, but does it seem a little off center? Maybe that’s why you aren’t feeling it. I like the idea of it though… Good job!!!

    • Yes, it was initially off-center because my coffee maker stood next to it. Now that I’ve moved that around, the extra space just seems… extra!

  4. 37Purplebuttons

    Do you have anything close to the wall color to put on the little orange shelf? Might balance it better. Or something solid orange and kinda heavy feeling on white shelves above. Try carafes on top shelf above hanging floral tray for kicks…LOVE the floor, and hooray for tangerine and aqua!

  5. i love how bright and cheery everything is. i’m starring this in my reader for future inspiration.

  6. I LOVE the wall color. I don’t usually like blue b/c it depresses me, but this blue is so cheerful that there’s no way it could keep you from smiling.

    And I can’t believe those chairs were so cheap! They look like Herman Miller chairs!

    Anyway, found your website via Malik and now I’m a fan!

    • Funny story– about a week after I purchased the chairs via Craigslist, I saw the chairs in Target of all places. I’m guessing that’s where the seller purchased them. They were about $60 a pop new. Quite the deal even though they’re pretty wobbly. So glad you like the site 🙂 Malik is the best!

  7. I love the colors! I think the orange shelf would look better over the sink. That wall needs a little bit of color.

    • Yup. I’m going to move the shelf to the sink area and the tray to the other side, like 37purplebuttons suggested. Thanks ladies!

  8. 37Purplebuttons

    Good idea Elizabeth! Then the tray can go where the orange shelf is now!! Wha la!

  9. I love the kitchen! The turquoise, orange accents, and natural wood work really well together. I saw the picture on flickr and liked it so much that I just read half your blog 😉

  10. Hi… visiting your blog after seeing your AT article. That sink is great, and I love the floor – and the colors you’re using. I agree, the small orange shelf over the sink would tie in the “pops” of orange over in that area. As far as the carafe’s, I think they’re a bit “lost” up on the top shelf by themselves especially having the clear glass and just a bit of color … I would stack the pyrex bowls and bring those down a shelf and use your top shelves for “heavier” objects … picture some painted (orange and turquoise) baskets you could you for storage to pull those two colors around the white area and still stay within budget. I would also consider a bit more orange pops in the dining area as well – something on the table and perhaps a bright orange monogram or object paintined on that large white platter next to the window… There’s a great feel in that kitchen, you should be proud!

    • thank you so much! i love the idea for the orange on the other plate wall– that area totally looks washed out now that i’m studying it closely. and the heavy objects mention, too! actually, all of it! thanks so much for coming by 🙂

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