corners of the house

my urban casita

When I was living in California I took an abstract art class. I’ve never been particularly artistic, I’m more on the psuedo-artsy side. You know, the one where people maybe think you’re an artist ’cause you’re a little ‘off’? Yeah, that’s me.

The class was great. Me, a bunch of fifty year old women and one lovely teacher who reminded me of chocolate chip cookies, Oil of Olay and lemonade. I painted a bit after that class and pretty much gave it up when I discovered that I wasn’t so talented. Painting is an expensive hobby to not be good at.

One lesson from that class has stuck itself into my head for the past four years. People think abstract painting is so easy. Slap some color on a canvas, add some drips, maybe one geometric shape, tape off some blank space for a line somewhere and you’re done. Not so, sir, not so. The key, my teacher said, is to be able to look at any one piece of the painting, from any angle and still see a great piece of work. Many of my professional artist friends will disagree or think that that’s a silly thing to say, but it’s really helped in the way I view my home. If I can look at a corner of a room and view it as a vignette that is just as interesting and pretty and dammit, as cute,  as the room is as a whole, I have succeeded.

Here are some corners of the front room.

PS Our apartment was in a House Call at Apartment Therapy yesterday. If you’re coming here from there, I hope you stick around.  I’m really nice and kind of cool and I have a dog named Sway, nicknamed The Sheriff and Tubs, because the vet told us he was fat.  He’s not fat.  But Tubs just sounds so freaking adorable.

Interesting to note: many of the commenters at AT get annoyed at the vignettes in house tours.  Those are always my personal favorites, most probably because of that art class in California.

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita

my urban casita


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