positive friday + diy wine crate decor

kate's house

Q: What’s better than an end-of-week summer barbecue?
A: An end-of-week summer barbecue with your closest friends, all of whom happen to be foodies that can cook. Some even for a living. Bless my day job.

The Mister and I headed over to Kate B’s house (you saw her amazing chair re-do, right?) last night for some delicious gastronomical delights, including Mexican elotes and piri piri marinated chicken. I made Alice Waters’ lentil salad with black lentils purchased from the Dill Pickle Co-op. It was too dark to tell if everyone ate my dish but the Mister said it was pretty damned good.

kate's house

kate's house

kate's house

I love Kate’s house and her backyard is no exception. Most Chicago apartments come with standard wooden back porches similar to my own but Kate has a much larger patio right outside her door and she’s started fixing it up with wine crates and tea lights. Super simple and super cheap.

Since we stayed up so late it’s time for a simple Friday night at home. Have a great weekend!


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