I must have books on the brain. First my Memento Monday post about a bookend; that led to me seek out vintage bookends on Etsy for a post at ReadyMade. Now I’m staring down my Ikea shelves and bored with the haphazard placement of everything perched upon them. Today is the day I redo it all. Similar to what I accomplished two weekends ago in the kitchen, editing and prettifying will change the whole space with no money down! Say that in a used car salesman voice one time.

my urban casita

As always, the accessories that keep my lovely books company are thrifted. The birdcage came from Village Discount Outlet, —my rundown— the white pot and pink change bowl from Salvation. The frames are also from one thrift store or another. We’ll see if they make the cut this morning. Can’t wait to take photos and update you when I’m done.


3 responses to “bookshelf

  1. i need to make an ikea run to just GET book shelves…wink, wink, nudge!

  2. It’s so refreshing to see that someone besides myself has a modge podge place for books and trinkets! I try to pull everything off my bookshelves once a year to purge and re-organize. It feels good and looks better.

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