rummaged: weekend scores

thrift/rummage/estate sale scoresrummaged, $2

I admit that I am not the best rummager. I’ve stopped by far too many duds with nothing for sale but rusty kitchen wares, crappy books and enough tattered copies of Cosmo to make me want to weep for society to continue to hold out hope for serious scores. Until today.

thrift/rummage/estate sale scoresrummaged white carafe, $2  thrifted orange carafe, $2

A group of residents on Damen Avenue just south of Division had a sidewalk sale that I spied yesterday while walking the dog. I didn’t have time to stop then, so I walked him over around nine this morning to see if it was still going on. All was quiet on the block, and in the gutter outside one of the apartment buildings was a white note with “1930s metal kitchen table with leaves, $35” written on it. Dammit! They probably had some nice stuff. I kicked myself for not making it.

Then, around one this afternoon, on the way home from errands, I saw tables being set up and folks hauling their goods outside. YES! I hurriedly parked in a permit only zone and got my rummage on.

thrift/rummage/estate sale scoresrummaged glasses, $3

Ever since I picked up those glasses on the side of the road in Wisconsin, I’ve come into contact with more and more and more glasses to add to my collection. I’m going to run out of space if this continues. These green glasses were $1 each and they’re already washed and on the kitchen shelf.

thrift/rummage/estate sale scores

thrift/rummage/estate sale scores

thrift/rummage/estate sale scores

Each of these travel booklets by Pan American ran me fifty cents. From the one on Peru:

Through the aerial gateways of Los Angeles, on the west, Brownsville, Texas in the center and Miami, on the east– the famous Flying Clipper Ships bring this new world of travel wonders within the time-limits of an ordinary vacation. Once reserved for the few who had limitless time for travel, the picturesque land of Peru is now but a leisurely two and one half days of effortless travel from almost any point in the United States.

Two and one half days seemed quite long for air travel so I read up on Pan American Airways Flying Clipper Ships here. My plan is to find some wooden frames in my thrift closet– cause I know I’ve got some extras– and frame each cover, maybe alongside a photocopy of the inside.

I also walked with a milk glass planter for $2, making my grand total at the rummage sale $12. Maybe rummaging isn’t so bad after all. To be up to date on rummage sales in Chicago, keep an eye on Garage Sale Warrior, penned by my blogging buddy Diana of Fine Diving. Garage Sale Warrior has a handy map to see all of the sales going on in your area. I think I’ll be checking it out more often.


8 responses to “rummaged: weekend scores

  1. I love all your glasses. I especially love red and white glasses and vintage red kitchen stuff. Look for me. OK?

  2. nice scores!!!

  3. Hey hey, that’s my street you’re talking about! Although we didn’t have a sale this weekend, come to the Vintage Bazaar at the Congress Theatre on August 22nd and there will be more goodness. Better than this weekends goodness 🙂 Ukrainian Vintage is the name of my booth. Be there or be square!

  4. oMG!!! i want that jamaica thing!!!!! or at least a copy of it!!!! gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!

    for real if you rummage some old jamaica stuff, particular advertisements could you either send it on this way or give me a really high res scan?

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