house envy


I’m getting pretty active on Flickr these days (my stream). Here are some homes I have been stalking along the way, all thanks to the huge amount of groups I have joined. Flickr is an endless source of inspiration for me and, to be honest, a bit of hateration. The same way I hate window shopping with no money in my pocket is the way I hate looking at some of these stupidly beautiful homes and not being able to live in them myself. In trying to get over it I’m posting photos for you to drool over, and hate on if you wish, too.


We have the knockoff Ikea version of this round table and similarly shaped chairs. And how great is that patio?

Smile and Wave

I always thought the clipboard as inspiration/organizer wall was kind of funny looking but this one looks very polished.  The paper plane garland is a really fun touch, too.


Gorgeous wooden table?  Check.  Cute mismatched chairs?  Check.  Unique light fixture?  Check.  Sideboard sized perfectly for an apartment?  Check.  Megan hating?  Why of course.

For Ruth: Corset Laced Mannequins

And who wouldn’t want a map covered dress form?

Happy Hating!


2 responses to “house envy

  1. Ooooooh me likey.

  2. Truly drool/hate worthy!

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