do you have dirty (house) secrets?

ugly windows + flowersbrightening up the ugly window with flowers from kate b. and thrifted vases

There are rooms of my house that you will not see when you click that My Apartment category on your right. They are: the “middle room,” as we call the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom.  I crazily gave you a peek of the horrible bedroom a ways back. It looks about one hundred times better than it did in the leading photo for that post– like, we now have a bed frame, a beautiful spray painted dresser and of course, my cheese grater earring organizer— but it still needs a lot of work. Plus, all of the photos will show that we do indeed have a television in our sleeping quarters and I don’t feel like being stoned for that fact just yet. Typing it out is a lot different than showing you an actual picture of the bulky monstrosity we like to watch Sunday afternoon movies on.

For now I am content to keep you to the confines of my kitchen, front room and back porch. This way I am pushed to make the off-limit rooms more worthy of your viewership.

So, even though this hurts me, I am posting photos of my ugly-assed windows. One window won’t open. One is filthy. And both represent most of the windows in our apartment: cracked and dirty, half of them unwilling to budge and let a breeze in.

ugly window + plantthe pane isn’t dirty, that’s just a shadow

Why am I posting these? Because we’re getting new windows!

As a stipulation to our new lease, I have told our wonderful landlord that We. Need. New. Windows.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to clean them, I have. It’s not that I haven’t tried to pry them open with everything from a crowbar to a paint scraper, I have. They’re just old and grimey and painted over about a million times and WE NEEDED NEW ONES.

ugly windows + flowers

These photos will serve as a reminder that I lived with windows that looked like this for over eighteen months. And they will be gone soon. And I will be able to actually see out of the new ones.

Do you have areas of your home that you keep off limits? Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Do you hate me because I do?  What are your dirty house secrets?


10 responses to “do you have dirty (house) secrets?

  1. Hmm…

    My bedroom. Basically all that’s in there is the bed. It’s stark white (well let’s go with primer white) and boring. No color, no life, just a room. I never like to showcase pictures of that room and when giving the grand tour, I simply flick the light on and off – saying, “and that’s my room” then finishing the rest of the tour.

    This fall I plan on working on the bedroom and getting to the point where it becomes an integral portion of my home tour.

  2. I have a huge ugly TV in my bedroom and feel immense shame because of it also….why???

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  4. 37purplebuttons

    Yes! TV in our bedroom, I fall aslep to The Dick Van Dyke Show every nite! I have to say, the photo with the Panisonic is a great still life, I didn’t even notice the window! Wabi Sabi – a great Eastern philosophy – at work here. Maybe if I start taking pictures of my rooms, I will like them more! Your house and home are of great inspiration, thanks!

    • I love Wabi Sabi! My husband says it over and over whenever I get all huffy about the state of things. 🙂 Take lots of photos; my stuff always looks better here than in person!

  5. Yes, yes, yes… sigh. I live in an old place, like you, and actually share one of your dirty house issues: windows. There are a couple I cannot seem to get clean, the sliders are full of dust and muck that I can’t seem to vacuum or dig out and it drives me nuts. I also have a bit of a problem with a corner in my laundry “room” (soooo small) which has been converted into an “office”. The walls are crumbling! I do not understand it and cannot stop it. I just keep sweeping and repainting.
    First time I’m commenting here, I just found your blog a few weeks ago (I’m addicted to Apartment Therapy and fixing up my place) and I love it! Your house looks great!

    • Welcome, Rosie! Thanks so much for reading! Best of luck with your place– the old apartments are so tough to deal with sometimes… and my windows are on back order. Sigh.

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