thrifted planters

sunday plants

Planters are one of my favorite things to thrift for and I’ll use just about anything as a vessel. Bowls, vintage restaurant mugs, tin containers.

sunday plants

sunday plants

We picked up two new milk glass pieces for $3 each at a rummage sale. My milk glass obsession never wanes because I can use the containers for everything: to hold toothbrushes and cotton balls, pens and pencils, earrings and bracelets. These bring my total pieces used as planters to seven.  I’m thinking of putting up a shelf in the living room with all of them grouped together come winter.  The twenty plants on the porch will need somewhere to go indoors!

Larger vessels are harder to come by second hand so I was super excited to find this big tin thing last week at Stop! Look! Oddments, a cute little junk store near our apartment.  Five bucks.

sunday plants

It must have been used as a pot, a basin? I’m not exactly sure. I got a smaller matching bowl for another $5 but forgot to photograph the damn thing.  I’m currently deciding where it’s going to live.  The Mister thinks the two may have been chamberpot set but I did some internet research and thankfully found nothing to back up that claim.

sunday plants

Deciding which of our houseplants to repot was a toughie.  A succulent, a ficus and a peace lily all deserved newer, bigger real estate.  The succulent won because it had been stuck in a tiny clay pot since its 2005 purchase in California. There were a few yellow leaves and roots were growing out of the hole in the bottom of the terra cotta.  It really needed to spread out.

sunday plants

sunday plants

I had no idea that this is what I would find after taking a hammer to the pot.  Gross, right?  The Mister even shuddered a bit. Note:  Use safety goggles when pounding.  I almost took a shard to my left eye.

Anyone else make out good at the thrift this weekend?


5 responses to “thrifted planters

  1. those roots made me want to quit everything. that’s way too nasty.

  2. Meeeeeeegan!!!!!

    Can I kidnap you for one day? My plants need help!!!!!! Like serious help. I started with 10… now I’m down to 4 1/2 plants. Well thanks to my cats and my not so green thumb. Grrrrrrrrrr. I heart you and this blog. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. UGH! I was NOT expecting that!

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