two things you should do if you’re in nyc

It’s no secret that I think Chicago has a big leg up on NYC in terms of livability and beauty and well, everything, but there are two things I would love to be in New York for this week.

First is Buka Sessions, a new bi-weekly Happy Hour event at Brooklyn’s newest Nigerian resto and bar. The party is hosted by Freeform+Deform, a design and architecture collective that my frequent blog subject and brother-in-law Lekan is part of, and it looks like a very good time. Go and have a beer for me this Friday, why dontcha?

You also have-have-have to check Lek’s Tumblr and then head over to the Freeform+Deform blog for more design goodness. I love this post on the table the gentlemen from FF+D made from scratch. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look at the shine! The white sides! I need it in my life.

Buka Sessions
rsvp @ facebook
946 Fulton St
(between Waverly Ave & Washington Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Another thing I wish I was in NYC for is my buddy Drea’s group show at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts. “Ain’t I A Woman,” is up until December 19th but you can go check it out this weekend! Read all about it at the NYT Blog here.

Ain’t I A Woman?
80 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

So there. Two things to do if you’re in New York. Chicago’s still better though. Take that take that take that. © Puffy.


One response to “two things you should do if you’re in nyc

  1. Chicago is pretty ill!!! And for you chicago heads… This Friday night at the darkroom 2210 w chicago ave some NYC and Chicago GOODNESS!!! DJ RUDE 1 (chicago) and JZONE (nyc) celebrating the 3yr GOODNESS ANNIVERSARY paaaaartay!!!! And yes Meeeeeegan- Chicago is where it’s at!

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