here goes nothing: the living room, day one

living room work in progress: day one

In a recent post about having dirty house secrets (not the dusty kind, but the embarrassing kind), I told you how averse I have been to posting photos of certain rooms in the house and asked if any of you had secrets and received only two comments. I know you’re reading–hello stat counter– so we either have a bunch of really shy people or you don’t have any ugly parts of your domiciles that are off-limits.

If you’re in the latter half of this equation, I’m trying to get like you. No more ugly rooms! Since the paint job I did in the bathroom over the weekend turned out pretty bad and I cannot bear to take any photos of it until I do it all over again, we start with the living room. Introducing the before photos, hopefully to be replaced very shortly with some lovely after photos.

living room work in progress: day one

Things I Like About the Living Room

  • Architectural detail. This is not a simple box. There are moldings and archways.
  • The size. It’s a pretty good size. No, I don’t know the square footage because I’ve never entered a contest on AT.
  • The Ikea bookcases my friend Evan helped me install.
  • The new couch we hauled from my friend Kate’s house last night (thank you, KB!).
  • The art above the couch from Vigilism, even though they desperately need new frames.
  • The modern lamp above I picked up for $2.40 at Village Discount Outlet and later saw at Vintage Heaven for $50.
  • The Barcelona knockoff(s), $100 for both on Craigslist.
  • The coffee table, $50 on Craigslist.
  • The metal plant stand, below, $5 at Goodwill.

living room work in progress: day one

Things I Dislike About The Living Room

  • The floors are way too scuffed to even be considered wabi-sabi.
  • The dog bed is ugly but necessary.
  • The windows.
  • The lack of light.
  • Colorless, especially when compared to our colorful kitchen.
  • The addition of the new couch, much bigger than our previous one, has made for a weird balance on either side.
  • Our TV stand sucks (not even pictured, there is no point).
  • The white stand in the little nook above is on its last legs.
  • We have two uncovered Barcelona knockoffs but only one fits.Β  And yes, I said uncovered!Β  Dislike immensely.
  • Our curtains.Β  Blech.

This begins my quest to overhaul the living room one day at a time; it would get done a lot quicker if the next seven days weren’t forecasted to be over ninety degrees, too, ugh. I’ve got some plans that are going to be in motion just as soon as I post this and take a freezing cold shower. I’m hella– remember, I lived in Cali for two years, I can say that– excited for the new room. Small changes will go a long way and since my ideas involve spray paint and thrifting, I’m very, very charged about the redo.

living room work in progress: day one


23 responses to “here goes nothing: the living room, day one

  1. glad to see it in the light, it looks good.

    i must add that it was my muscle that helped to move this furniture to the house *cough*

    we are both going to embark on this living room juncture, i can’t wait to showcase these new chairs. the before and after pics WILL be awesome!

    good luck!

    • get on it mama. no time like the present, like, this wkend!

      • Enjoyable first podcast. As for the whole long-distance thing, I wasn\’t lokoing for anyone, but could not ignore the woman who is now my partner. We\’ve been doing the Utah-Manhattan thing for four and a half years now. We go back and forth, do destination trips together (U.K., China, Mexico), and hope to live together next year.Well done.

  2. Can’t wait to see the redo!!!

  3. stumbled upon you on twitter and enjoyed reading your blog! look forward to seeing your “after” pics! Love that you shop “economically!” hidden treasures on Craigs List, at estate sales & IKEA are so much fun to find!
    good Luck!
    Connie Cermak

  4. hey girl, there is this DOPE fabric shop in SD that specializes in drapery and upholstery. It’s wear I got our fabric to make our drapes (which i I need to photograph and show you). I can buy some fabric for you and mail it.

  5. can i by chance find out where kb originally purchased the couch??? soooo awesome! love the texture/color/sectional aspects. and yes, i have fallen in love–with your blog πŸ™‚

    • so glad you are reading! thank you so much πŸ™‚

      the couch was actually a craigslist purchase… i’ll try to figure out what brand it is and let you know. πŸ™‚

      • awesome!! thank you so much! i am sure it would be a long shot to come across another just like it–but it’s worth a try!

  6. Yes! Please post the pics of your drapes! Drapes are always a tough decision.

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  13. Are you going to paint? I am considering sharing your “pain” and showing you pics of my loft area. It’s a mess. In the sense that it’s lame. No color. Right now it’s just bookshelves and a desk which take up only about a 4th of the space. Blah, blah, blah.

  14. not to bug you…so i am sorry if i am but i just got an email for the your wordpress update and it sent me back to this post for some reason which reminded me that i wondered what brand your couch was. were you able to find a marking or tag on it under one of the cushions or anything? we just purchased our first home and i am wanting to find a sectional similar to that one πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alisha! I searched and searched, flipped up cushions and all that– no name on the couch. Isn’t that weird? I’ll ask the friend I got it from. It’s possible she removed the tags that are usually under the cushion!

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