cohabitating with grace: the mister’s cup

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This used to be the Mister’s cup. It’s plastic, was thrifted sometime in the last few years for less than a dollar. It’s his vodka + tonic cup, his vitamins-before-bed cup, his early morning water cup. I would use three cups in a day to his one, only cause I couldn’t remember– was that glass on the nightstand from an hour ago or last night? Did the cup I left on the porch have water or juice? Did the dog try to drink out of it? Is it dirty or not? Screw it, into the dirty dish bin it goes, next one. He always knew where his cup was, what was in the damn thing previously. And it’s gone now…

I took it off the shelf because of my recent glass obsession (remember these, these and these?).

I would feel bad about putting it into the doored portion of our kitchen cabinets if he didn’t absolutely love the white glasses we’re now using. Still. Even though he is perfectly happy without it, I think it should come back out. I miss it. And I’m not too fond of all of these dishes.

Living with another human is hard enough. Then you factor in the way you want your apartment to look, how things should be put away, whose stuff gets precedence. We’ve had some epic battles over what to keep, what to toss, what to keep, how I need to stop buying dressers, why I can’t have this shower curtain. Most of the time we agree. Or he just lets me win because it’s more important to me. So, I should give him the cup. At least it matches the kitchen.

Anyways, the reason for this post: my friend Kate and her boyfriend are moving in together. They have completely different styles, and Evan, unlike a lot of guys, cares. Like, really cares. She is Hollywood Regency, he is mostly MCM, clean and streamlined. She likes filigree, he digs minimalism. It’s going to be interesting. I’ll be over there this week to try and document some of the process. What advice do you have for meshing two conflicting home styles?

my urban casita


17 responses to “cohabitating with grace: the mister’s cup

  1. Sorry to speak off subject, but what kind of camera do you use? And what setting did you take those photos at the market of? I seem to remember you talking about a Nikon. Just curious.

    • I use a Nikon D3000 but I have no clue what I am doing! The photos from the market were taken with my iPhone though. I used Cross Process, a really neat-o app, to freak them a bit. Hope that helps!

  2. Danyelle Hadaway

    I’m normally a voyeur about with blogs; I subscribe but I don’t comment. However, this post speaks to me. I don’t have any friends who live with their boyfriends and no one seems to understand how hard it is to live with someone. My boyfriend has no idea what he wants as far as decorating the house but he also knows what he doesn’t like. I’ve won the war the last year because it was MY apartment HE moved into, and therefore since I bought everything I could have a say in the decor. But since we moved and I am a Craigslist addict, I actually have to involve him in the process. I mean I have to convince him to let me rent a Zipcar and haul the thing I must have into the apartment. So the best thing I can recommend is to try to buy something significant together (we bought a flat screen and a new bed and mattress) and then if all fails, each person gets a room. My boyfriend got the bathroom and all kitchen, bar, glass, and dinnerware and I get MCM furniture.

    • No one understands until they live with a man! I’m totally with you on the “they don’t know what they like, only what they dont!” I ran into that in the beginning a lot. And Craigslist can be the devil for relationships– I learned that when I wanted to buy our fifth (!) dresser and got smooth shut down since two of them were just sitting in our back room as it was, ha!

      I like your suggestions for the significant pieces… I think letting one person, usually the MAN, have a big ticket item helps things. In the couple’s case I referenced in the post, it’s going to be a lot more difficult. Evan is a carpenter, and an amazing one. He has a great eye for design and doesn’t like low quality pieces… which can be hard for chicks like me and Kate who like to re-do cheap stuff and make it our own. She had the great chairs I posted here back in October that she recovered and spray painted and I hope they get to stick around and that they don’t have to resort to the room-by-room deal. I’ll keep everyone posted!

      And thanks so much for commenting. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts, so don’t be a voyeur if you can help it 😉

  3. I have no advice as this is about to be MY LIFE in a few weeks! I will be watching this carefully.

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  5. My husband and I pretty much agree on most decor things (thankfully), but he does have a vintage beer bottle collection that kind of drives me crazy. The only reason I don’t freak out about them is because they ARE pretty cool & it cracks me up that he is so ‘knowledgeable’ about the various labels of one particular beer. (And the fact that BEER bottles survived intact for this long!)

    I just bought an (admittedly) ugly sofa (for $5) with intentions of rehabbing it. He’s been merciless in his teasing me about it. (The cats LOVE it btw :-)) & I have two dressers stashed with intentions of painting.

    We’ve been living together for 8 years & sometimes it’s really hard to tolerate each other’s likes & dislikes (& messes & ………..) so it’s a pretty constant trade off. HOWEVER, if he dies first, I already have my list made of what gets pitched out the door asap! 🙂

    but, sorry sweetie, I have to agree with your Mister…..

  6. Hi there! I just love love love your kitchen color!! may I ask what color it is? I will be painting my kitchen and was looking for something similar to brighten it up a lil. I was thinking of yellow but I just love how this color looks 🙂

    • Shoot! I will have to do some research. As soon as I can find the can or the receipt, I’ll let you know!

    • Cool aqua by Benjamin Moore. Our first color choice was yellow– it lasted about three months before I started to hate it. We took a chance on the turquoise but I LOVE how it came out! Hope you do, too!

  7. Cool! Thanks a bunch! Ha ha so I’ll be taking a better chance with the turquoise 🙂 good to know.

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