happy anniversary to me (and he)!

moo wedding photos

Three years ago today… I married my best friend. How many people have written or said the same cliche’d line on their anniversary? Let me Google that for you: 5,900,000. BUT, in my case, it really is true. I mean, really.

Last night I asked the Mister where our external hard drive had gone because I have been very careful about not keeping much on my computer since the great crash of June 2010. All of our wedding photos are on that hunk of metal and I had been looking forward to going through hundreds from the wedding photographer and another couple thousand from friends in attendance. Since a big old grant is due on Wednesday and the Mister must meet that deadline, the external hard drive is in Hyde Park. So I spent thirty minutes going through boxes and boxes of crap in the closet looking for the CD that contained the originals. No dice.

Then I almost had a nervous breakdown and implored the Mister not to get into any accidents on the way home with the hard drive in tow tomorrow.

Luckily I found the Moo cards I ordered about a month after the wedding. So I took pics of the pics. I’m not a mushy mushy person so I will let some photos and a top ten list about the wedding– not the marriage, cause it’s the best one ever and I don’t wanna brag– do the talking for me.

moo wedding photos

Why My Wedding Was Awesome

10. It was on St Thomas, close to my first apartment.
9. Less than thirty people were in attendance.
8. We had BBQ from Texas Pit.
7. The Mister and I walked out to “Steppin’ Out.”
6. We had three adorable flower girls, one maid of honor and a best man. No wedding party drama! Except for when the Mister’s best friend read his portion of the ceremony from his Blackberry. I know you’re reading this CM!
5. Poolside at a botanical garden with a gorgeous view of Charlotte-Amalie.
4. My dad ripped a button off of his shirt while ironing and wore a buba instead of the suit he planned on.
3. We did a Yoruba tasting ritual, sampling bowls of lemon (sour), vinegar (bitter), cayenne (hot) and honey (sweet) presented to us by our friends. Each flavor represents the emotions you go through in a marriage and you end with honey to show how sweet it is, no matter what. (OMG I almost cried typing that.)
2. We had next day photos taken at the beach.
1. We got married a day early because of a big old hurricane warning; half of the stuff I wanted to get done didn’t happen, there weren’t chairs for the ceremony and one person almost missed it. All worth it; the major glitch meant I could blame anything that went wrong on Hurricane Dean and my stress evaporated. And in the end? A tiny sprinkling of rain.

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos

moo wedding photos


14 responses to “happy anniversary to me (and he)!

  1. awww :)…happy anniversary!!!

  2. OMG yours was the BEST wedding EVER!!!! Mine was cool, who doesn’t like having two parties, but May – you and Ok were just perfect……..ARE perfect!!! I am so honored that I was able to be part of your special day and love love love the wonderful man you married! Happy Anniversary 🙂

  3. Congrats..Happy Anni!!!

  4. great pics! & sweet post (as usual) must look closer at pics later. they are beautiful at first glance.

    we got married on 08/08/08 at 8:08 pm in our backyard/micro farm — I in a fabulous $20 red dress & he in shorts and a hawaiian shirt (I hula hooped in the dress later 🙂
    we didn’t get nearly as many good pics :-/

    Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister!

  5. Fun times indeed! Time flies, huh? Seems like just yesterday that we were there running around like crazy to find coffee pots, pin up your hair, duct-taping your dress (LOL) and you and I dancing to our beloved soca (picture ^^ up there)

    *holds up starbucks coffee* here’s to many more anniversaries to you and my bredda Ok!

    Love you two, lots!


  6. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and inspiring.

  7. Happy Anniversary. Your 10 ten list makes me want to get married!

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  9. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    Congratulations you two. Nathaniel and I were there and we had a simply wonderful time sharing all of the good vibes with all of your friends and family. Real special friends and family were the only ones in attendance.

    Have a great day and more blessing for the coming years.

    Love you, your other Mom

  10. thank you all so much for the well wishes! i appreciate them so very, very much. xxoo

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  12. I stumbled across your blog from the WordPress front page. I *love* this post about your wedding. I, too, got married on a beach (almost two years ago). I thought my wedding was perfect, until I read your post–I wish I had heard of a Yoruba tasting ritual back then! Ah! I think this is why some people have vow-renewal ceremonies–so they can have a “do over” of their wedding day!

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  14. I want my wedding to be awesome like yours and I want you to attend =)

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