I should be packing for the three day weekend that starts tomorrow night with a flight to Toronto to celebrate our anniversary but I’m blogging from the back porch and thinking of an exciting way to implore you to vote for my house over at CB2’s The Selby Contest.

You have no idea how badly I have wanted The Selby to come to Chicago. I’ve had a “Selby Submission” folder with four photos sitting on my desktop for a few weeks and was thinking of a witty email subject line to go along with the photos when I got the CB2 email this week announcing this contest. I need The Selby in our place.

So. If you love me and if you love The Selby and if you kinda sorta like my house, head on over here and vote. And tell all of your friends to vote. And I will buy you all something from CB2. But know that you just might have to share it, and it may have to live at my house.

Vote, vote, vote!
Thank you for reading Urban Casita. xxoo


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