chicagoans in toronto

lovely chairs outside the drake general store

There truly are not enough words to describe what an amazing city we found Toronto to be after only seeing a very small slice of what it has to offer. We spent two short days and three nights at The Drake Hotel (which resembled my idea of interior design heaven) and did not travel in a moving vehicle except for the airport taxi rides. The five or so miles we walked ourselves to blisters in were absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to head back and visit the rest of the city.

My heart will always belong to Chicago but if the psychos behind the Tea Party ever manage to take over, we’re outta here and I know exactly where we’re headed.

art history

First off, the vintage.  The vintage!  Tons of shops line Queens Street West, the block that houses The Drake. We were told that the neighborhood really took off once the hotel opened up in 2004, with new places sprouting up almost immediately.  I counted at least six vintage shops in a four block radius and all seemed to be making brisk business.  If you’re into resale, a walk down this street is so necessary.

drake general store

Even The Drake is in on the love, with a General Store stocked with new and time-honored merchandise. I really liked the watch faces above and am kicking myself for not picking one up. Wouldn’t they be great as magnets on an old fridge?


Not far from Queens Street is Kensington Market, a fun neighborhood packed with shoppers and diners on Saturday morning.  My favorite shop in the area is pictured above, the first where I actually felt like I could afford what was inside.  I noticed the prices in most of the shops we hit were quite a bit higher than Chicago overall and was a little disappointed that nothing would be coming home with me.  Except my creamer and sugar set from Sal Army!

toronto!The Mister happily let me drag him into store after store and didn’t say a word while I browsed and browsed and snapped photos.  Thank you to him for being a good sport and letting me indulge.

So, we shopped, we ate, we napped, we drank, we chatted.  Toronto was a blast.  I can’t wait to go back!

See all of our photos over at Flickr.






5 responses to “chicagoans in toronto

  1. Hey, I just happened upon your blog via Apartment Therapy (I LOVE everything you’re doing here, btw), and my husband and I are actually headed to Toronto in a couple of weeks for a wedding anniversary trip. I’d love any recommendations from you for places to visit–especially when it comes to thrift/vintage places. Any info you could give me would be much appreciated!

  2. I would love to! I will compile some for you this weekend, promise! You will have an amazing time, I absolutely loved it!

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