easy plant vessel: vintage drawers!

the vintage drawer i turned into a flower potclick on photo for source

Color me happy. I’d never have thought to pop a plant into a vintage drawer. Looks like I have another item to add to my thrift wish list this week.

About the living room update: it’s coming along. I’m a little frustrated with the amount of stuff we have in this apartment and lamenting about that is taking up much of my time. I’m a brooder. So guess what? Rummage sale time!

Details to follow. If you’re in Chicago, I hope you’re free Sunday morning!


2 responses to “easy plant vessel: vintage drawers!

  1. Yay! Rummage Sale! I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now (it’s awesome), and hearing you’re having a rummage sale makes me so happy! I’m moving back to Chicago on Saturday actually, and have been using you blog and pictures of your abode to get me excited about moving into my new place. And in fact, a photo of your couch has been guiding my boyfriend and my recent craigslist searches. We will definitely try to make the rummage sale, if we can get up in time : )

    I have a question though… Do you have any tips on where to find a stylish and affordable couch? My boyfriend and I want something that is both modern and comfy, and are willing to spend up to about $500. Is it do-able? Where should we be searching. Any particular stores in Chicago?


    • So glad to hear it! I will write up some suggestions as soon as I can, but honestly, craigslist is your best bet. I’ve searched high and low for a store that comes close to offering anything worthy under $500 and it’s a toughie. Let me think on it! I hope you can make it this Sunday!

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