rummage sale time! this sunday, 10-2pm

I’m over the top excited about our five ladies rummage sale. Even more of our girlfriends are pitching in, either to come by and sell their stuff or just drop it off and have the rest of us to the dirty work, but there should be a decent variety of items to choose from. My pile of goodies to sell is getting larger by the day and though it is super hard for me to let go of things, I know I need to edit down my possessions in order to function properly come Autumn.

I’ve never had a yard sale, and have sold most of my stuff via Craigslist or Freecycle when necessary, so I’m hyped to meet people, chat, serve some lemonade, gossip with my girlfriends and have an all around great time.

The awesome Diana of Fine Diving and Garage Sale Warrior posted a lovely write-up of our little sale and it made me even more excited about Sunday!

If you’re a reader of this blog and you stop by, let me know so I can spike your lemonade with vodka and toast with you. Thanks for reading, truly. Thank you.


4 responses to “rummage sale time! this sunday, 10-2pm

  1. i will be there!!!! need new vessels for plants!!! please set some aside for me!! xo

  2. Hi All,

    This morning while getting ready for work, brushing my teeth to be exact, I was looking for a necklace to wear today (which I still don’t have on) and while schlepping through the mounds – it hit me!

    *pretends I’m in one of those Microsoft ads*

    what if I sold some of these unworn items at the sale?!

    So Ladies and Gentlemen – there will be a FEW pieces of custom made silver jewelry with semi-precious stones for your fingers/wrists.

    See you all Sunday!

  3. yay yard sales! I had one just last Saturday — made $175! —- went out and spent it on dinner & thrift stores 🙂

    wish I was in Chicago — I’d stop by for a (spiked) lemonade.

    have one for me!

  4. Of course you ladies know I would support if I were in Chicago. Since I’m not, here’s to hoping those in the know come out, buy, drink, and chat with you!

    I want pictures!!!

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