maybe track shelving isn’t that ugly?

via a desert fete

With the living room re-do in progress and relocated books threatening to to overtake the front room as a result, I’ve got shelving on my mind. I’ve always been crazy averse to track shelving and thought it too sloppy, too pedestrian, too utilitarian. Then I saw this photo on a desert fete, my favorite new-to-me blog, (that I just discovered twenty minutes ago and am still drooling over) and changed my mind. The thin wood she used looks about a thousand times better than the melamine shelves you normally see for track shelving and the look is more polished and natural as a result.

via dear diary

Even this white looks good on a white wall, kinda blending in, not drawing attention to itself. Can a shelf do that? I haven’t had coffee yet today.

What’s your verdict on track shelving?  It’s cheap, seems fairly simple to hang, and it’s cheap.  My favorite word so I used it twice.  Like or dislike?


3 responses to “maybe track shelving isn’t that ugly?

  1. Um…..I still don’t care for them. Have you seen the instructions for a floating shelf on Knock Off Wood? That’s what we’re going to do for bedside tables, and looks super easy. She actually designed the plans for another blog Young House Love.
    I’m seriously in love with these shelves and want to put them all over my house. 🙂

  2. I love that it’s flexible, too. I agree, in general, not so sexy. But, with your favorite spray paint trick, you could make the track blend in more, too. Thin shelves are a definite, agreed there.
    Floating shelves are lovely, but I love changing things up without spackle, the tracks allow for this.

  3. The shelves in the second picture aren’t cheap. It’s a modular Scandinavian design called String:

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