hang a tole tray on the wall

hang a tole tray!

I adore these little tin trays and am always on the lookout for them at the thrift. The one that hangs above the kitchen sink was less than $2 and I had no clue what I would end up using it for when I bought it. The legs underneath the tray weren’t strong enough to support anything and even if they could, I’m not a breakfast-in-bed kind of person. So it sat, in the Room Where Things Go To Die, collecting dust for a few months until we painted the kitchen turquoise and I thought: metal tray thingie. String. Wall. Yes! It took some serious googling to figure out what to call them and my research tells me the two I own are not true tole trays but I’m not sure what other name they go by. In any case, they’re perfect for hanging and I popped another one up  on the wall today.

All it takes is a little piece of string around the legs of the tray to hold them together and to hang on your nail.  Less than sixty seconds and lovely, $1.20 addition to the house. I experimented with where to hang it and almost left it in the living room.

hang a tole tray!

In the end, it belonged in the kitchen.  The colors match perfectly and it goes well with the linocut print I bought at Renegade last year.  Hooray for small changes.

hang a tole tray!


2 responses to “hang a tole tray on the wall

  1. I always like reading your things. I’m building a totally new kitchen in an old house and am trying to do it vintage and yet wondering if that is good in the long run? I love the electic mix and punches of bright color.

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