straightening and framing

office aka front room

Remember those air travel brochures I picked up at a rummage a few weeks ago? [Drea, I owe you a scan, I know!] I finally put them into some frames stolen from the kitchen on Saturday. The frames are dark wood and came from the thrift for about a buck a piece. They held fabric while hung behind my coffee pot in the kitchen, and I just got kinda tired of seeing them there. I took them down and apart, thinking hard about what could replace the fabric for the space underneath our Cuba sign. When we hung it, I knew it was way too high and needed something below to fill the dead space. The orange baskets you’ll see when you click that link worked for a little while but, like the fabric filled frames, I just got plain tired of ’em.

redoing the desk top, hanging art

I took the fabric out and put two of the brochures in each frame, using light masking tape to hold them to the glass, and each other. I didn’t want to put white behind the art so I left the frames backless and you can see the paint behind the brochures on the wall.

Then I experimented, moving items taken from other areas around the house for the desktop. I’m picky, so this took a good twenty minutes.

redoing the desk top, hanging art

I love this little elephant and thought it would work next to an orange stack of books with a photo of moi at 16 years old on top. I stared for a few minutes and decided it looked too busy.

redoing the desktop, hanging art

I removed the photo of myself, relocated the elephant to the top of the red drawer along with the blue stack of books and Instamatic, and pushed the orange books down to the other side of the desk. I added a blue potted plant atop that stack and moved the white pot to the left of it. Definitely too busy.

redoing the desktop, hanging art

The blue pot and the elephant got the boot and I slid the vase to the left side. The white pot went above the orange stack and I was pleased.

redoing the desktop, hanging art

For one last change, I replaced the white pot with a yellow one. Perfect.

This is what goes through my head when I rearrange something. I try out tons of combos to see what is most pleasing to my eye and now, when I walk by the desk or sit down at it, I’m extremely pleased. I give prop stylists much “props,” excuse the pun. This shit is hard.  It’s also a no cost way to update your space and to me, the little changes make all the difference.


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