old photos

Whenever I visit my dad’s house I come away with photos I swear I’m going to frame and add to our family wall, which currently holds four framed pictures: my mommy, the Mister’s brother, the Mister’s father and a baby photo of me. This needs to change. The photos I’ve been stockpiling must go up. This week. This month.

And they start with this picture of my dad. He wouldn’t let me take it home so I snapped a photo of the photo. It was taken in Tunisia, where he did a Fulbright Fellowship in the 1970s. I guess I should have dusted off the jacket before snapping my photo. No matter. It’s still getting framed. How handsome is he, funny face-making and all?


4 responses to “old photos

  1. now we know where you got your cute dimples! 🙂

  2. I love this photo!

  3. That’s adorable and should definitely be on a wall somewhere.

  4. Kim from Milwaukee

    wow….he’s a cutie! such personality in that photo of your dad! priceless!

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