positive friday (on a saturday)

Happy weekend to you!

How is it so far? There’s a bit of a drizzle here and the air on the back porch feels so deliciously crisp and clean. Rain makes it hard for me to get motivated to do things around the house; it’s so much easier to relax out here with my latte from Milk & Honey and the doggie at my feet.

Last night was Pilsen’s Second Friday Gallery Night. I’ve blogged about Pilsen’s vintage shopping before and every time I venture over to 18th St., I fall in love a little harder. The buildings are drop dead gorgeous, the people so nice, the galleries and shops so inspiring. And the food! It’s a lovely neighborhood; at times I get the itch to move there. Then I think about what I love about my ‘hood: my coffee shop, my ten minute drive to work, never having to drive on the weekends, the alleyways, Humboldt Park, “our bar,” the street festivals, my besties living three minutes away (in the same building even), people I pass on the street who say hello, fellow dog owner friends, the restaurant strip, the vintage boutiques. It would be hard to leave, but Pilsen gives Ukranian Village/Wicker Park a serious run for the money. All that to say: if you live in Chicago, make it a point to visit Pilsen on the second Friday of each month from about 6pm-10pm. Enjoy lots of galleries, beautiful folks and mini glasses of wine on your walk.

This weekend is about friends, a big wedding, buying a dress for said wedding (I’ve got 24 hours to get it done), Renegade Craft Fair, brunch with friends and the season finale of True Blood. I’m not sure which of those I’m looking forward to more… okay, okay, the wedding!

Have positive weekend!

{Note to Jennifer: Thanks for saying hi last night! So nice to meet you!}


3 responses to “positive friday (on a saturday)

  1. It was super great meeting you too!!! Come back to Pilsen for the BIG art walk the first weekend in October!!! It’s the best and….I’ll be selling lots of vintage in front of my house πŸ™‚ Thanks for the shout out!!! jen

  2. Jennifer,

    We will definitely be there to scour vintage wares at your sale!

  3. Yes! We will totally be there Jennifer. I love Pilsen… and my lease is up next year πŸ˜‰

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