Well, if you’ve seen my Flickr stream lately, you already know about my thrifted finds this past weekend. If you haven’t, yay! I get to show you them here, with all of the commentary they deserve. I haven’t been hitting up the thrift stores as much as I would like to lately, with work and trying to squeeze the last bits of life out of summer occupying most of my time. I did make it to Salvo on Saturday, where I picked up the wicker piece I showed you on Sunday. But what else did I get? First, the yellow pot above for a little over two bucks.


Then, this little guy.  Ninety-six cents. I’m a sucker for metal in any form and I know I’ll find a use for it eventually. I think it was used to hold glasses of some sort. Any other ideas?


Finally, this yellow chair. My favorite buy of the day. I seem to have a serious jones for the amarillo lately, huh? Worth every penny of five whole dollars.  I think it will live in the bedroom.

Anyone else find anything good at the thrift this weekend?


5 responses to “thrifted

  1. Hey Megan: I truly enjoy watching all of your developments on this site. Wish I had control of my time to get my creative juices going again……I am working on doing just that though.

    Linda aka Mayimuna

  2. I am JEALOUS of that chair. that is exactly what I need in my bedroom…and in that color. Good for you!

  3. The metal basket looks like the kind milk men would use to deliver bottles, though it’s hard to tell how large and wide it is from the picture.

    Something like this:

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