i almost give up

Ach! Phooey! Grrr. Those were my thoughts this past Saturday with a few choice expletives, mostly the one that starts with a big old F, excluded.

Long story short: new windows were finally supposed to be installed — ya know, the ones I was so excited about back in August? — so the old windows were removed and la-di-da, the contractor bought the wrong size and had to put the old windows back in until new ones can be ordered. I cannot begin to tell you how angry, frustrated and annoyed I still am at the way that morning went.

To cheer myself up I played around in the living room and tried to make it look pretty so I can ignore the horrible old windows still in place… only worse for the wear now, with cracked molding all around them.

First, I put up the turquoise shelf that I spray painted last weekend. I tried every room in the house and nothing screamed “this is where I want to be!” It is now in a little corner of the living room and I’m about seventy percent happy with the placement. Better photos coming when we have windows that feel like letting light in.

With the temperatures dropping below fifty the plants needed to come in from the back porch. I had a tough time figuring out living spaces. As I’ve noted, the room is dark; the two old windows face the building next door and would provide little light even if they were shiny and new. I hope these little guys survive the Chicago winter and will have to keep a close eye for droops and overall plant sadness.

Finally, I spray painted some frames I had lying around black and hung ’em above the television. I cannot wait to get a new TV stand but I’m not showing you the one we currently have ’til the new one is in place! It’s that bad.

Moral of story: make things pretty when shit goes bad. Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to “i almost give up

  1. Sunlight bulbs are sort of magical up here. I know you have or could procure a cute lamp — they fit standard size sockets. Tada! Even dark rooms can be happy places for plants. My mom has a whole tableful of plants all kept happy with them. And they’re pretty cheap.

  2. i’m actually surprised it took that long for your landlord to replace your windows. it’s actually a fire hazard to have the windows painted shut. we had the sellers make at least a few of the windows open in our house because everything was painted shut and we have no AC.

    we would have died this summer.

    • Maybe it was acceptable since only two didn’t open? In any case, it doesn’t look like it’ll be happening this year. But that’s another story for another post when I feel like being angry and rehashing!

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