pinterest, i’m in love

Am I late to the party? I finally got an invite to Pinterest, the new pinboard site that allows you to make little boards of photos that get your juices flowing. You add a little “pin” button to your bookmarks bar and start surfing around the web; pin something you like and add it to a board whose theme you pick. My first board, pictured above, is “mujeres,” ’cause May loves the ladies! The boards keep track of the original URL and you can always click back there to read the piece the photo went with or click other folks’ “pins” to see where their original came from. Love!

“the organized closet” is my second pinboard next since one of my fall tasks is to get the disasters we call closets in order. It’s not helping much, as I find myself wanting the clothing in each closet I see rather than the organization.

If you’re on Pinterest, follow me here! If you’re not, head on over and sign up for an invite. It takes about three or four days and is well worth the wait.


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