design harvest with z & t!

design harvest chicago

What a fun weekend! As you know, Gram’s house was our Sunday excursion and on Saturday, Aziza, Tanisha and I went to the first ever Design Harvest Street Fest over on Grand Ave. You can read my little wrap-up at ReadyMade. Here are some photos I loved that didn’t make the cut over there.

design harvest chicago
Petting zoo at Grand Street Gardens!

design harvest chicago
Mean Goat! This fella bit the poor calf’s ear.

design harvest chicagoI loved this table by New Breed Furniture Network.

design harvest chicago
Beautiful painting by Ryan Kapp.

design harvest chicago
SG Grand is a great shop but Hermès boxes for $35? This is why they …. nevermind, I’ll leave that alone.

Hope you’re having a great week!


2 responses to “design harvest with z & t!

  1. This looks like so much fun!

    I’m going to Chicago tomorrow (!!!!) And Malik said I should ask you if you can give me any ideas on what to do this weekend. (street fairs, special events) I’m going to see the marathon on Sunday and I’m hoping to catch the Billy Elliot musical if it’s not terribly expensive. I’ve already done all the touristy stuff, I want to do something different! Oh, and what antique shops do you recommend visiting??


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