i miss sewing

repairing chewed doggie bed

When I organized the closet on Sunday I had to repair two dog beds that the boy had torn into. I hauled my trusty sewing machine out for the first time in nine months and got to work. Though the fixes were small and took less than ten minutes, I really, really enjoyed it. I missed hearing that little buzz of the machine, winding the bobbin and trying to maintain a straight line.

I swore I wasn’t going to pile any more onto my plate for the holiday season this year but I’m rethinking that and wanting to sew, sew, sew. Here are some projects worth pondering.

I have a large box of unused fabric from my Christmas gifts last year and plan to tackle a project or two this month. Sewing is a serious stress reliever and I enjoy the high I get from completing a project when all is said and done.

Are any of you guys getting ready for the holiday season this early? Making handmade gifts? Do share some of the easier ones!

repairing chewed doggie bed


11 responses to “i miss sewing

  1. I miss sewing too! I downsized into a 2 bedroom apartment and my sewing machine got shoved into a little corner and is collecting dust. I plan on getting it back out soon, it really is fun to sew!

    • Let me know what you make! I need more inspration.

      • I love creating order from the dsderior of cut fabric. The raw edges are lined up, sewn together, pressed nicely. It looks good, feels good (emotionally and sensorally <- I don't think that's a real word), smells good (cotton especially). Step by step, the bits and pieces come together, and zip-zap! MAGIC it's done! Sewing brings me joy. It satisfies a deep urge within me. I am happy.

      • What I find so interesting is you could never find this anywhere else.

      • The little snoawmn melts my heart….and my very own one arrived….with a few friends…..this morning….woohoo! I actually bought them as stocking fillers but they might not make it….they just might be “lost” in my craft room…hahaa!Thanks so much, sweetie!

      • Thanks for being on point and on target!

  2. i realized i have a boatload of frozen ripe bananas in my freezer. i’m thinking of making banana bread for holiday gifts. i inherited my mom’s sewing machine by happenstance but i really need to take a class. my mom is a decent seamstress but it’s hard to get lessons over the phone.

    • Banana bread is a great idea. You’ve got me thinking about trying my hand at canning now, too. Sometimes figuring out what to make people that don’t really need “stuff” is hard- food seems a perfect solution. Maybe I could do breads and canne preserves? Hmmm. Thanks for getting me thinking!

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  3. thanks for commenting Amy! your box with the pear fbaric is SUPER cute, and functional. i did NOT know you could use modpodge that way. you’ve opened up my crafting world! thanks!

  4. You saved me a lot of hassle just now.

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