memory book for gram

Happy birthday to Gram, happy birthday to Gram, happy birthday deeeaaarrrr Graaaaam, happy birthday dear Gram! I made my Grammy a little memory book last night.

Plain notebook with thick paper
Scrap piece of fabric
Colored Pens


Sew fabric to cover of notebook
Write questions in the book
Apply stickers

I asked about a dozen questions and left room for her to answer. My gram had little education, like a lot of women born in the 1920s, but she puts a pen to paper like nobody’s business and has excelled in writing classes over the years. When she is done with these questions, the instructions at the end of the book tell her to give it back to me so I can add more. My family will now have a living document of one amazing lady’s history.

A Few of my Queries

How did you get to school? What was your favorite subject?

How did your parents meet?

What was your first job? How much did you make? Did you have to wear a uniform?

All of these questions focused on her girlhood. As the book becomes filled, I’ll move on to how she met my grandfather, where she gave birth to my aunt, uncle and mom, her favorite country to live in, her first memory of grandkids, her hopes and dreams for us now, etc. Maybe she’ll even pen a few questions for me!

Happy Birthday Gram!


One response to “memory book for gram

  1. I am so inspired by this idea. I think for a lot of us, there is so much we would like to know about our grandparents lives, and this is a beautiful project. I’m sure the recipient will be just as touched that we care so much for them. Thanks for sharing!

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