bedroom update: painted floors!

painting our bootleg ass floors
You’re gonna have to click here to view the old bedroom as it’s too damn ugly to post here again. Oddly, it’s one of the most-viewed pages of this site, probably because of the DIY headboard ideas; obviously, I’ve yet to use any of them.

Anyways, my sister Bridie and I, along with help from The Mister, painted the bedroom floors this weekend and ooohhhh-weeee do I love the results! You can read about our experience today at ReadyMade but I’m using this post to show you how the room is starting to come together.

The photo above is the bed dressed with a quilt that has been in my family for ages. My grandmother’s friend Geneva used to make them and Gram had tons around the house when I was little. We used to stretch out in the backseat of our VW Vanagon (exactly like this one) and pile the quilts around us on long car rides.

painting our bootleg ass floors
Unfortunately, the quilt alone isn’t quite warm enough to withstand the brutality of Chicago winter nights and we’ve pulled out the comforter within the last week or so. I’m a little tired of the duvet cover and on the lookout for something really yellow. Finding a good duvet for under $100 is absolutely impossible. It might be time to just make one.

The bedside table was an alley find that I spray painted white. It used to live in the front room and was replaced by that estate sale credenza. The height is perfect but I’m not really in love with it and have kept my eyes peeled for replacements. Two things that definitely need to go are the crappy, cheap lamp and the window treatment. A simple white curtain will do a lot for the small space.

Painted frame, estate sale: $4 {spray painting it was fun but seriously, we need a damn headboard}
Duvet cover, IKEA: $14
Quilt: Free
Lamp, IKEA: $6.95
Side table, alley: $3.95 for spray paint

painting our bootleg ass floors

This gives you an idea of how small the room is.

Dresser, Craigslist: $35 plus $3.95 for a can of spray paint {before & after}
Chair, Salvation Army: $5 {the day I bought it}
Mirror, Goodwill: $4.95 {inspired by my step-mom’s mirrors}
Embroidered art, estate sale: $2 {from my very first estate sale}

The stuff on the wall is stapled paneling from IKEA. Yes, we stapled it. When we moved in and dismantled everything in this room we were met with glue all over this wall from a bulletin board the former tenants had put up. That and huge holes from shelving made for a really disgusting wall. This was an easy fix and I hope to change it out with more stapling or actually do the damn thing and wallpaper it.

What you don’t see is our television. It normally perches on that empty corner of the dresser but I made The Mister wait to move it while I snapped photos!

Room Total: $79.80 + million dollar mattress that doesn’t count + bedframe @ $20 = $99.80

Grand Total (in the rooms I’ve bothered to do this with)
$100 | Bedroom (paint/materials at around $100 covered by Mr. Landlord)
$387 | Kitchen
$370 | Front Room South
$80   | Front Room North

Total: $937

Under a grand.  This still leaves plenty of wiggle room to continue updates in the bedroom and for the bathroom, guest room, living room and closet.  I’m patting myself on the back, you know.


4 responses to “bedroom update: painted floors!

  1. I love how the room feels clean and simple, yet it’s still warm and inviting. I want to play around with a stapled-fabric wall, too. I’ll only be in my current bedroom for a few more months but I need some color on the walls!

  2. You should do a video tutorial on spray painting. everything I paint looks like shit I need lessons.

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