the gift of thrift: secondhand holidays


In years past, I forced myself to make personalized holiday gifts by hand no matter the time or monetary cost of doing so. I sewed my little hands silly last December and ya know what? I’m not doing it this year.

First, I’m not very good at it. Second, I don’t feel like dealing with fabric selections for a dozen different tastes. Third, I check out people’s houses when I visit; I look for my gifts, I see who has them out and in use. AND YOU PEOPLE STUFF THEM IN DRAWERS. Yes, even you, Gram. I saw my pretty pink apron in a drawer. If my own grandmother isn’t in love with my handmade wares then it’s safe to say not many people are.

So. I decided to purchase everything second hand for the holidays. Thrifting is a million times more fun than sewing and my house is overflowing with awesome finds; why not spread it around, have someone get some use out of these beauties?

I’ll be posting some gifts throughout the next few weeks. If you’re on my list this year please act surprised when you open them.






The theme of this weekend’s thrifting excursion seemed to, once again, be dishes. They just call me! I can’t help but buy! It’s becoming a serious addiction. I mean, who doesn’t always need plates? Maybe one of these is for you?

What do you think about giving or receiving second hand gifts for the holidays? Anyone completely against it? Anyone thrilled with my brilliance and planning to do the same?


13 responses to “the gift of thrift: secondhand holidays

  1. Quite frankly I like the older things better than new. I just need someone to help me put it all together.

  2. I love the idea of secondhand AND homemade gifts. My idea this year was to buy gifts made by local craftsmen. (Oh, and if you see a mug with a “S” on it, holla at your girl!)

  3. that mug is adorable.

  4. you made me a beaded bracelet back in the day for christmas that I still wear, so there!

  5. damnit i wanted an apron!!!

  6. I love receiving thrifty gifts from friends. It’s hard to make something handmade AND useful for friends, especially when we’re short on time. Clothes are more useful than beer koozies, but who has the time to knit every friend a sweater or even a scarf? Not I! Thrifting provides friends with beautiful, useful items that are unique while being low on the budget for you.

    Yep, I’m thrifting for the Holidays, too. I have lot of friends and family covered already! 😀

  7. I am with all of the above, as well. I love vintage and think it makes for great gifts. Also handmade.

  8. I’m still hoping those wonderful teak bowls have my name on them!
    At least two or three of them! I promise I’ll use them!

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