what’s above your couch?

I showed you my living room a few months ago. Talked all this jazz about how I was going to really tackle it, really get down to business and make it beautiful. I do that a lot– put good intentions into the universe and then promptly ignore them and go on about my life. I’m sad to report that that is precisely what I did with my living room makeover.

BUT: this weekend I actually did give it a try, spending all day Sunday messing around with the art I found in the closet, a few random thrifted pieces and even pages taken from a book on African Market Literature. I tried to do one of those neat-o collage-above-the-couch-thingies. You know, like this, except above the couch.

via art hound

It didn’t really work and no I will not show you pictures. In all, I spent over four hours trying to get it right and I’ve got somewhere around forty-two thousand holes in my wall to prove it. I know what I did wrong– using the same color frames would have unified the space better and I did some spray painting in those hours to test my theory and it actually started to look okay for a little while– but even after my realizations, I don’t think a wall art collage is really what I want in the space.

I want shelves that art can perch upon. Dark wood, thin, with spots for vases and framed pieces and little figurines maybe. I don’t know how to pull off the look above without it looking too busy. The room is busy enough; it needs symmetry and balance. So, shelves.

Or, I want one big piece similar to what we have in the front room. I’m just not sure. I need some help. What do you think should be above my couch?

I’m putting this into the universe and hoping not to disappoint myself with my lack of progress the next time this living room is revisited. What’s above your couch?


5 responses to “what’s above your couch?

  1. From the pictures I saw your living room is BEAUTIFUL, but I’m like you, a tiny bit of a perfectionist when it comes to interior design. (Right now the bedroom is my room of shame. SHAME!)

    To keep symmetry while combining my eclectic art I arranged different crazy bits above my couch but kept all the pieces in a balance, rectangular shape. All collections are arranged in tidy groups so the space looks adult and modern even though it’s filled with childhood posters, toys, and whimsical art.

    I shall show ya: http://bit.ly/aWy1vX
    I get many compliments on the space, it’s a pleasing little place to be.

    And now, I go to fully admire the photos of your living room again. It’s a beautiful space, no matter what you do, it will look nice!

    • Love your art collage! I took all of mine down today and replaced it with something I think I am in love with… can’t wait to share pics tomorrow. Thanks for the compliments on the room; it makes me crazy.

  2. Maybe LACK shelves from Ikea? Nice and simple, assorted colors and sizes, and pretty cheap.
    We don’t have anything above our couch, it splits the living room in half. (TV area and office area, boring! :D)

  3. We’re framing photos (all in coordinating walnut-stained wood frames) and are going to collage it over the couch. I want to add some thin shelves for knick knacks, flowers, etc as well. It shouldn’t look too terribly busy, though.

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